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An Exclusive Interview with the Charming Vivian Carolina Sanchez


The quality and nature of light in our lives can have a huge effect on our physical and mental well-being. It can also dramatically influence our moods and emotions. Bright and vibrant light can energize us, lift our spirits, and make us sociable, and a muted and atmospheric light can create an introspective and intimate setting. The power and manipulation of light is something that has always fascinated Vivian Carolina Sanchez, CEO of The Lighting Studio.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been mesmerized by light,” said Vivian with a grin. “As a young girl in Venezuela, I used to watch the sunrise and the sunset and I would stare hypnotized at how the color of the landscape would change. I was also fascinated by the diverse range of shades and hues the sun would cast dependent on its point in the sky. I recall being spellbound on how the Sun could transform the contours and appearance of absolutely everything at different points of the day.”

Vivian Carolina Sanchez’s unguarded and infectious passion for light is typical of how she approaches life in general. A few minutes in her company and her natural charm and ebullience will win the most reserved soul over. When she speaks of light, she lights up herself with an inner fire.

Vivian explained, “To put it simply, I’ve always regarded light as something of a magician. Being a curious soul, as I grew, I hatched a plan to draw back the curtain and find out how I could manipulate light to create shadows, reflections, refractions, and color. In essence, I wanted to control and shape light to create an aesthetic effect that would strike a chord with others.”

After graduating as a civil engineer, with a leaning toward projects that required a lot of design and creativity, Vivian Carolina Sanchez met her future husband Gustavo and began to focus on her other true love, lighting design.

Vivian revealed, “After learning everything I could about the lighting business, I coupled it with my natural passion for light and architecture, and my husband and I moved to Miami to focus on design from a completely new perspective.”

This new perspective paved the way for The Lighting Studio. Vivian Carolina Sanchez’s global company specializes in developing lighting design projects in both the architectural and bespoke sectors.

Vivian explained, “The idea behind The Lighting Studio is to offer our clients the opportunity to see how the manipulation and careful use of light can dramatically enhance the interiors of their homes.”

Vivian added, “I think we are all perhaps a little guilty of taking light for granted because it’s always there. We always underestimate how light can affect our moods, emotions, and physicality in everyday life. At The Lighting Studio, we can help you create the sort of light that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial. Light is empowering, light is enriching, and as a company, light is our guide.”

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