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How Beauty Experts, the Magni sisters are Successful With Magni Skin


In the world of business, everything can be really competitive. It can be daunting once you realize how much work you have to put in as a business owner. There are a lot of responsibilities that you have to manage while also constantly coming up with new ideas to grow your business.

To venture into business and to be an entrepreneur, you have to be mentally and emotionally prepared to meet all the challenges. For Pinar and Songul, the founders of Magni Skin, the journey has been life-changing and they have learned a lot from starting a business from scratch.

Pinar and Songul are sisters who live in London and are the owners of the skincare and beauty treatment clinic, Magni Skin. Their treatments are some of the best treatments offered by beauty clinics. This has made it possible for them to attract a long list of loyal clients including bloggers, influencers, and reality TV stars. Since Magni Skin’s establishment in 2019, they have seen constant growth to become one of the best and most desired beauty clinics by women.

The sisters had to face a lot of challenges in their way to establishing their business and being successful in what they do. There were a lot of responsibilities they had to take care of, including administrative tasks, managing their social media and website, and booking appointments.

Although they love what they do, they still have to work hard to achieve their goals and maintain their success as entrepreneurs. They truly believe that successful people have to start somewhere and work hard to achieve their goals in life.

If there was one piece of advice that the sisters would give to aspiring beauticians, it would be to pursue what they’re passionate about. For the Magni sisters, it was their passion for beauty that drove them to be successful and push forward in spite of the challenges. This passion is the fuel for their drive to be successful in their mission. The sisters are committed to giving back to women and empowering them to live fulfilled lives. This is one reason why they started Magni Academy.

Magni Academy is the initiative by the founders of Magni Skin ( to teach beauty care treatments and procedures to aspiring beauticians. They want to empower other women to be a change and with their academy, they plan on giving women the skills needed to be successful in the beauty industry.

Pinar and Songul chose to be beauty experts when they realized that their corporate career was not what they had expected it to be. They weren’t happy with their career choices and had the idea to start their own beauty business. This eventually resulted in them collaborating together to start Magni Skin.

Even though there are a lot of challenges with running a business, they are happy that they are able to do what they love doing. There are days that are exhausting that make them want to have more time for themselves. This is why the sisters have adapted a routine that works well for them. The Magni Skin team want women to pursue their dreams and never be put off by challenges and obstacles in their path.

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