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Rhett Lindsey Leads The Charge To Fight Bias In The Hiring Process


If there is one thing about recruitment that is less talked about, it is the bias when it comes to hiring the right candidate for the role. Large corporations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and social media profiles to find out if the candidate they’re considering for hire is the right person for the role in the company. This has led to a lot of unconscious bias when it comes to hiring the right talent in a company.

Rhett Lindsey, the founder of Siimee, is determined to change this bias in the recruitment industry. Siimee is an online platform that assists companies in their recruitment process. The purpose of the company is to ensure that all applicants get a fair chance of getting the role at a company by considering their case on a merit basis without the use of systems like ATS and social media profiles that bring in unconscious bias.

What makes Siimee different is that it is designed to not be biased in any way when it comes to handling job seekers’ data and how employers connect to job seekers. Meanwhile, Applicant Tracking Systems can be customized by each company on who they want to ignore or rule out of the hiring process as the system processes job applications for the role. ATS lets a company be biased in its hiring decisions. This may at times not be intentional at all and can hurt qualified candidates looking for jobs.

Siimee is designed to highlight specific aspects of the applicant and employers looking to hire. These are their background, experience in the relevant industry, aspirations, and their skills for the role they’re applying for. Rhett believes that these are major things that companies should be looking into in the first place since they focus more on whether or not the applicant would be qualified for the position.

As for ATS, there is a high chance that companies could hire based on race or even color. As a black queer man himself, Rhett Lindsey understands how much minorities are discriminated against in the workforce. Although he was successful in his career and worked for many large and leading companies like Facebook and Tinder, he couldn’t stand idle and watch underrepresented professionals receive different treatment from his white colleagues.

Eventually, this discrimination pushed Rhett to do something about it, and thus came the idea for Siimee. He started Siimee after quitting his job at Facebook. The goal of Siimee is to ensure that the recruitment process of all companies is fair and focused for job seekers. Since Siimee is very new and was established only in December 2020, Rhett hopes that with time, the platform will be the go-to tool for recruitment assistance in the United States.

As a black man and a very successful worker, he understands what he is working on and wants to make a change in the recruitment industry. He was a recruiter himself in the companies he worked in and has learned a lot from the experiences. Rhett Lindsey envisions Siimee being the change that was so desperately needed when it comes to hiring employees for roles in companies. By giving a fair chance to individuals of all backgrounds, the platform is dedicated to providing an equitable connection experience for job seekers and employers.

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