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Top Tier Group Inc. Supplies Over 1.8 Billion PPE Products Since January 2020


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is big business. But only since 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic required countries worldwide to rush for high-quality PPE that could be delivered consistently and on time.

Many companies tried to meet the demands of this massive industry and failed. However, Top Tier Group Inc. (@toptiergroupinc) capitalized on this increased demand. Luckily, the company already had a history in logistics and distribution and used it to fulfill customer requests and timelines. Founder, Michael Theodorou founded the business more than a decade ago. In that time, he says the company has made inroads into both regional and foreign markets with its line of safety products breaking into international markets.

A Company With a History

Theodorou says he came up with the idea for Top Tier after another business relationship soured. As the sole operator for the company, he was able to dictate its growth and development, giving Top Tier the ability to adapt and overcome challenges. This has allowed it to withstand market upheavals, he says, while pivoting strategies when needed has allowed the company to enter new markets. Theodorou says adaptation and the ability to shift is what drove Top Tier Group Inc. to success. Yet, intelligent acquisitions and mergers also aided the company’s sustained growth. It’s thanks to these characteristics that he says the business is able to meet the demands of its customers consistently.

Taking Pride in Products

In today’s market, it’s rare to find a brand that will completely stand behind its products. But not Top Tier, who ensures all products are thoroughly tested, says Theodorou. He understands how important it is to have PPE others can depend on, explaining that if a product isn’t fit for his own staff to use, he isn’t comfortable sending it to customers. This dedication to quality and excellence is what sets the company apart. This success has led Top Tier to become known as a very knowledgeable firm within the industry. Their staff is dynamic and can answer any questions about the products they create. It’s no surprise Top Tier’s products are in high demand around the world.

An Eye on Expansion

Thanks to the brand’s popularity, Theodorou says he intends to see the brand set up an international presence. Already, Top Tier’s products have started to enter global markets. The business has supplied international locales with safety equipment on behalf of seven different governmental agencies. This brand awareness sets the stage for the next step in Top Tier’s expansion plans; securing spots overseas to set up international distribution points. With their products already in the local market, Theodorou says they should have no problem establishing themselves. The company is likely to expand its workforce as well in order to continue offering the same level of customer satisfaction to international locations as they have in the past.

No Shortcut to Success

Top Tier is more than just another PPE supplier, says Theodorou. The company has gone through several adaptations and iterations since its inception. The willingness to pivot and adapt to changing conditions is what makes it a unique challenger in the PPE market, says Theodorou. He has a lot of faith in this product and his staff, he says, adding that the ten-year journey it took to become a recognizable name is only the beginning. Theodorou intends for Top Tier Group Inc. to be accessible worldwide and be considered the top PPE brand when people think about personal protective equipment.

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