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YouTuber Gregory Chase Gained 2 Million Subscribers In One Year


In recent years, YouTube has become a platform for thousands of content creators to show their artistry and make a living out of it. There are a wide variety of videos uploaded to the video streaming website every minute. Gregory Chase is one of those active content creators that has made a name for himself. He has received over 10 million subscribers across his multiple YouTube channels, including 2 million in just one year.

Gregory Chase started uploading YouTube just for fun, mostly to share his passion for online gaming. In 2009, he started streaming his Call of Duty videos because he enjoyed the game so much that he wanted other people to experience it. Back then, Gregory just uploaded videos for passion, and he’d be happy to get 50 views on one upload.

Minecraft, a sandbox video game, was fully released in 2011, and Gregory was one of those who jumped on the bandwagon. He played this game developed by Mojang with his neighbor Mat and streamed their games on YouTube. To their surprise, one of their videos got a million views, which, during that time, was a massive feat for any YouTuber.

Gregory and Matt eventually had to stop making Minecraft videos after losing interest along the way. After graduating high school, Gregory went to college but struggled with choosing what course to take. He wanted to use his gift for creating videos and choose the course he would take in college. Fortunately, his school offered a web design and video creation program, and it allowed him to go back to doing what he loved.

He started on his own Minecraft channel, and gained 30,000 channels in its first year. This moderate success led Gregory to push himself further, and with his obsession with YouTube, he started learning other genres. He worked 14 hours a day to create quality videos. In 2017, he officially launched another channel, and in just a year, it has gained over 2 million subscribers, surpassing Gregory’s expectations.

For Gregory, investing one’s time into anything you plan to do for the rest of your life is essential. He lives by the 100-hour rule, which means that by putting 100 hours into something will make you good at it. Logically, investing 1000 hours will make you ten times better and more accomplished at your chosen craft. Finally, putting in 10,000 hours of effort into your passion will mean you’ll be a stand-out in the lane you chose.

Now having gained over 10 million YouTube subscribers, Gregory has stepped down from making the actual videos himself for his channels. Instead, he has a team of writers, editors, and voice actors that produce various content for his channels. What he does is make sure that the quality of the videos uploaded to his channels is excellent.

Gregory Chase has proudly shared in his Instagram account the recognitions he earned through his efforts on YouTube. All of his channels continue to earn countless subscribers and have made several million dollars in the process. Now he wants to inspire young and novice content creators that it’s not impossible to gain a million subscribers on YouTube if you put your heart and time into it.

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