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Breaking Down Nour Khodr’s Unique Approach to Social Media Marketing


Just at the age of 18, Nour Khodr was scouted by the TV show, The Voice, and soon after that, he was also called by the American Idol for an audition. At such a young age, Nour Khodr learned a lot about social media. He understood how it works, and he even launched music on TikTok as well. His talent is widely popular among the youth and people of all ages alike.

Nour says that he started his social media agency under the name Top Talent. He is the chief executive officer of Top Talent and has helped many young, and raw talents showcase their skills and expertise in the right way. However, to market these young talents is an altogether different ball game. He started his career by being scouted, and today he scouts different talents by connecting them to various agents and TV shows. That’s how his social media agency career began.

Nour Khodr’s unique approach to social media marketing has not just helped these micro and macro-influencers become popular and receive more likes and fan following, but he also wants these young talents to use this platform to become young entrepreneurs and help others who will succeed with their help just like Nour does.

Nour Khodr believes that social media is the best place to market oneself. Gone are the days when people had to struggle and visit different agencies to showcase their talent. In Nour’s words, “today multiple social media platforms give an opportunity to raw talent to come live and tell the world who they are and what they are best at. But in order to keep maintaining their image intact, one needs to know the right strategy, and that’s why social media agencies are here for. Through excellent social media campaigns, the right talent will get the correct number of views.

Nour Khodr follows a well-planned social media campaign game. He understands the requirements of the influencer. Nour says, “Once done I prepare a layout of their goals, I try to understand their audience, craft a diversified content plan for different social media platforms that will work for the individual, share user-generated content which the fans and followers will appreciate, try to educate the individual to have better content and content ideas, and do more storytelling than promotion.”

These are just a few of the things that Nour Khodr implements that help him to grow his social media agency and do better every time. Reaching out to people need thorough planning, and Nour Khodr has understood that clearly because he himself is a social media marketer.