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Models Can Now Monetize Their Content in Real-Time With Girls of BitClout


Content might not be the only thing that’s making the digital world go around, but it sure is a top priority for many businesses. Everyone from family-owned stores with blogs to digital platforms with big production arms like Netflix are using content to achieve their goals.

Somewhere between the ma and pa blog posts and the three-season shows are models and the content they create and publish on platforms such as Instagram and OnlyFans. Just like everyone else on that spectrum, online models are very much interested in how their content affects their bottom line.

The traditional monetization schemes would involve product placements in Instagram content or monetization from fan subscriptions. However, the link between the content and how it’s monetized isn’t the most straightforward and without inbetweeners. That’s a problem Girls of BitClout wants to solve.

While the solution is in the works, the team at Girls of BitClout already knows that it’s going to involve cryptocurrencies. “We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and decentralization,” says Chris Bustos, a founder at Girls of BitClout. “We want to empower models to have a stake in their cryptocurrency, where they can see the results of their efforts reflected in this growing market.”

For now, Girls of BitClout’s main task is to get the two worlds—online modeling and cryptocurrencies—closer together. They don’t have to start from scratch; the platform where most of this is going to happen already exists. Called BitClout, a social network run on blockchain allows people to create and trade coins based on their reputation. Admittedly, that’s not the easiest concept to get down.

But that’s what Girls of BitClout is there for: to make it more approachable, and to let the models know about the ways they can start monetizing their content right away using their cryptocurrencies.

The thing where Girls of BitClout is going to bring disruption is when they release their platform for sharing content. This feature is currently in the works, but it will be the other half of the equation where BitClout has the coin infrastructure, and the platform will make delivering content as easy as it currently is on OnlyFans.

Then, models will have the perfect place to think up new ways to create value with their content and monetize it. It can be a video call, personalized content, or any other thing a content creator can do to justify the investment of a fan and create something valuable. While this idea is still fledgling and has a lot of development to go through, it just might be one of those things where getting aboard early is the best call to make.

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