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You can excel beyond your wildest expectations – Rebecca Zung


In anything you do, your skills will sell you faster and get people to trust your authenticity. His is especially true for lawyers. Rebecca Zung has built her career in law and now stands as one of the top 1% attorneys in the US.

Her skills in family law have placed her among the most sought-after attorneys and have been recognized by Trend Magazine, and her peers. Winning a case is no easy feat, but Rebecca makes it look effortless with her eloquent presentation of arguments.

A successful attorney for over 20 years who put herself through school while raising 3 little kids, Rebecca is an inspiration to women everywhere. An affirmation that you can achieve what you put your mind to and excel beyond your wildest expectations.

Her inspiration to women and entrepreneurs doesn’t end there as she embarked on a new venture, taking a risk and stepping out of a comfort zone that was working for her. She then learned all about digital information and built her online career.

Stepping into entrepreneurship and in the digital space was a huge shift for Rebecca but she is still doing what she loves and helping thousands of people. Rebecca Zung ventured into the digital world, educating people on all matters of law and answering questions that have plagued people for a long time. She does this through her YouTube channel and social media pages that have attracted thousands of followers.

Before creating a YouTube channel, she started a podcast that became quite popular and is what led to her expansion into YouTube. Her main focus on YouTube is addressing narcissism and how to negotiate with narcissists.

Through her growing online presence, Rebecca Zung has been able to tackle ongoing issues like divorce during a pandemic, narcissism, and commentary on celebrity divorces. She is still rooted in her law knowledge but has welcomed learning more as she grows her now 7 figure business.

Adding to everything she is already doing; Rebecca Zung is also passionate about sharing her journey as a female entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs who are looking to start something new or working on their businesses.

Her work addressing narcissism has helped many people out of tight situations that they otherwise wouldn’t have recognized. She continues to highlight narcissistic patterns and the best way to come to an understanding with narcissists in a calm manner.

It is her belief that your only limitation in life is you. If you can think it, you can find a way to achieve it.

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