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Raul Gonzalez III on why managing emotions is critical to decision making


A financial trader and market coach, Raul Gonzalez III shows people what real profitable trading is like so they can put their families in a better position and leave behind their legacy.

It was a critical sickness during childhood that made Raul Gonzalez III home-bound. This compelled him to take recourse to digital learning platforms introducing him to the world of trading. This chance stumble served as the turning point in his life, securing him a high fortune and helping him establish himself as an entrepreneur with the potential to garner a multi-million-dollar annual turnover. Soon, his education in the financial markets turned into a passion, keeping him engaged for nearly 15 hours a day in social isolation. One thing to note here is that no matter what physical condition Raul was in, he did not let it become an excuse for failure. Instead, he used his time as an opportunity to gain knowledge about a career that had the potential to gift him the life he dreamed of achieving in the forthcoming years.

The psychology of money

Seeing the earning potential in the market, Raul Gonzalez III fell in love with the process of trading and saw a win-win situation to not just trade and earn but also share his knowledge as an experienced coach and empower others to taste the same success. He says that the biggest challenge in his career was having the right mindset. Since trading in financial markets entails tumultuous ups and downs, many fail and eventually halt their trading business due to their inability to keep their emotions in control. There are times of unexpected loss, and others when a potential gain ultimately leads to nothingness. Therefore, it is often advised for people to venture into trading only when they have some amount of risk-taking aptitude. “If you don’t genuinely enjoy trading, your mental condition gets messed up when facing losses. And if you start risking too much and blow up your accounts, you are up for high doom,” stresses Raul.

Raul Gonzalez III reveals how his several losses while testing different trading strategies led him to realize his mistakes and acted as the training ground to become bigger and better. His highest record to date has been making nearly 45% return in three weeks with his proprietary system – an amount of $140k, one of the highest earnings for the firm.

Road to tomorrow’s goals

Raul Gonzalez III has established a hedge fund of $7 million under management and continues to help the trading community through regular coaching programs and by setting risk parameters.

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