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Sports Analyst Firm TrustMySystem Shares a Positive Outlook for Online Sports


Sports are more lucrative than one might think. It’s not just the millions of dollars spent on player acquisitions and salaries, though. It goes deeper than that. In the US alone are hundreds of thousands of people who take a chance on the outcomes of sports games. Sports analyst firm TrustMySystem was designed to help these people get the best information possible to make decisions. The brainchild of Zain and Farhaz Kheraj, the system crunches the numbers and offers probabilities of an outcome. More than that, it gives punters a chance to develop their own methods of sports consulting.

A Background in Numbers

Both the Kheraj brothers grew up with a penchant for numbers. Both brothers managed to land high-paying jobs at the height of their careers, but they wanted more. With a vested interest in consulting and mathematics, they considered how they could combine those fields. The result was TrustMySystem, a bespoke consultancy dedicated to helping American punters find lucrative markets. The brothers took a chance themselves, leaping into this business venture with both feet. There was no safety net; this business was a sink-or-swim endeavor. The Kheraj brothers were destined to swim.

Finding a Niche

TrustMySystem sets itself apart as a sports consultancy service. They are one of the few companies that offer such advice, and they provide transparency, a feature lacking in the handicapping industry in the US. The honesty and credibility of the company make them a pleasure to do business with. This feature comes from combining their world-class knowledge of consultancy with their mathematical prowess. Zain Kheraj has stated that his company is a trendsetter in the industry. Yet, they make their money off of spotting trends before they happen. By being ahead of the curve, TrustMySystem gives its clients a unique edge in the market.

Online Sports on the Rise

Online sports handicapping has started to grow at a rapid pace. The brothers realized this was bound to happen; the grip of the pandemic has seen most companies shift focus from in-person playing into the online sphere, as low-contact handicapping ensures that people can socially distance themselves. TrustMySystem utilizes numbers from several places to come up with its models, and this data is freely available. However, the TrustMySystem algorithm can use it to offer valuable insight into current and future performances. Online playing is likely to continue well past the end of the pandemic. TrustMySystem sees its popularity increasing as well. As more people start to use online sports handicapping systems, it may become as popular as it is in the UK. The rise of online sports also feeds into TrustMySystem’s customer base.

A Successful Enterprise Takes Risk

Both Kheraj brothers understand the importance of taking a risk. This element is crucial to both handicapping success and the success of a business. Their dedication to the craft and their love of mathematics have set the stage for TrustMySystem to make significant waves in the handicapping industry. Based on their clients’ tales of success, it’s likely everyone will hear a lot more about this company as time goes by.

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