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Work-Life Balance: How to Successfully Maintain Your Professional & Personal Life with Ian Prukner


Success lies in maintaining balance. If one part of our life is off-balance, it often impacts other areas which also impact how we feel, the emotions we experience, and how much we can accomplish. When it comes down to professional endeavors, it can be hard to make time for other things in our lives, but we can achieve the balance we are looking for with the right values and  priorities.. Entrepreneur, business development leader, and author Ian Prukner explains how to maintain your professional and personal life successfully.

Initially, a pastor, Ian Prukner, started a career in the financial services industry when he realized he could no longer balance working four jobs just to make ends meet. “Financial security is a big factor when it comes to the quality of our lives,” states Ian. “I wasn’t just motivated for myself but for the sake of helping others as well. Everyone has  right to pursue  accomplishing  their dreams, and I knew I could help people do that.”

Prukner believes balance comes down to understanding your goals, yourself at a deep human level, and what you truly want in life. “The root of success lies in our mindset. When we change that for the better and commit to saying yes to what serves us, we put ourselves on a track towards more achievement and personal fulfillment,” explains Prukner. “There are only so many hours in the day, and its important that we are managing those hours to maximize efficiency to produce the best results.”

Prukner states that those who have achieved success in both their personal and professional lives employ a strategy that brings them happiness on both ends. It’s easy to sabotage newfound freedom and success if we don’t know who we are or why we are pursuing these goals in the first place. Ian explains further, “Have a big “why” and a big enough reason of why it must get done and  The rest will follow accordingly.” A family man who is motivated by faith and service, Ian helps people gain that strong sense of self-belief which is necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

L​ack of work-life balance impacted Ian and his family negatively at one point in their lives, which is why he wants to avoid others make the same mistake. “Suffering is not the price your family should pay for your success,” states Ian. “They should thrive with you, in a balanced manner.” Accomplishing isn’t easy, but with the right attitude, work ethic and right amount of faith, Ian Prukner brings tangible strategies to make this possible.

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