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The Significance of Having a Clear Vision and Proper Planning as per Pasquale Minasi


It is critical to have a clear vision and proper planning, whether in life or business. Having a clear idea in your mind can always help you build a successful future and achieve your goals.

Everyone who has experience in management knows that it is necessary to be organized as a business person. Most successful people have a morning routine and a planned schedule for the rest of the day they like to stick with. If you know what comes next on your timetable, it’s easier to organize your working process as well. Most business-oriented people also have a good understanding of how to prioritize tasks in their daily schedule. However, there may always arise cases where one needs to improvise and use a different approach.

Pasquale Minasi is an investor and entrepreneur born in Italy. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics & International Marketing. Despite being young, Pasquale already has a vast investment portfolio and a lot of working experience. Pasquale Minasi is the CEO & Founder of BlueMagic Group International and also a motivational speaker.

In his personal life, Minasi’s strict routine helps him in smoothly conducting his daily activities. Getting up early and reading books is part of his daily schedule. He has made his schedule in such a way as to dedicate each day to a different business. Being organized is one of the most important things for Pasquale. After traveling a few times to Istanbul, he decided to found BlueMagic Group International, a hair transplant clinic. He spent two years in the city analyzing over 100 clinics to see what was missing and what was already working well in the industry. Pasquale Minasi believes strongly in the product, services, and the team at BlueMagic Group. In fact, he is so confident in his team’s ability that he chose to undergo a hair transplant himself back in 2017, which turned out to be a great success.

BlueMagic Group’s vision is to be the leading provider of hair transplantation services in the markets in which the company operates. Pasquale Minasi likes to emphasize these points to encourage young readers to believe in themselves, be motivated, have a vision, and pursue it.

There are many benefits of having a set plan to follow, and Pasquale Minasi’s success proves precisely that. So have you formulated a proper plan for your future yet?