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Here’s what $CBD Coin is doing to limit unauthorized dumping


Cryptocurrency has been on a steady climb over the last couple of years. Today, early investors share their success stories in the industry, while those who didn’t believe in digital currency earlier are scrambling to get a piece of the action. Consequently, this space has seen the introduction of numerous cryptocurrencies in the market. Particularly noteworthy among them is $CBD Coin, one of the fastest-growing charity cryptocurrencies at the moment.

$CBD Coin is the world’s first charity coin that donates CBD products to the less fortunate. At launch, 60% of $CBD Coin’s tokens were burned. This left 2 billion tokens in circulation. According to $CBD Coin stats, every coin has a 9% transaction tax, whether it is purchased or sold. This tax is divided into three parts of 3% each for marketing, liquidity pool, and charity fund. The company clarified that it would not be increasing the allocation to 5% for charity tax.

Cloud mining has made it possible for investors to mine without needing expensive hardware. However, the industry is now clouded by scammers selling the rags-to-riches narrative to unsuspecting buyers and investors. Granted, many people have turned their lives around as a result of cryptocurrencies. Yet, it is essential to tread carefully to avoid falling prey to scammers.

Pump-and-dump schemes have also become more prevalent. These are fraudulent price manipulations that are carried out by spreading misinformation. While this is not a new practice, it is negatively affecting the cryptocurrency industry. $CBD Coin is working hard to ensure that unauthorized dumping is eliminated from its trade to combat this.

According to $CBD Coin’s anti-dumping initiative, the token rules ensure that unauthorized dumping is limited and that the coin will persist for a long time. In addition, intending to shape the industry’s future, $CBD Coin’s tokenomics lock the founder and pre-sales tokens. These can be unlocked at a rate of 10% per week.

$CBD Coin is also implementing a 1% transaction cap to add to its efforts of curtailing pumping and dumping. Since the cryptocurrency industry is largely unregulated, it is up to traders to create rules that fight against pump-and-dump schemes. The brains behind $CBD Coin say that the effort to limit dumping ensures short-lived inflations do not cause a disadvantage to other investors and buyers. As a result, the company has won the trust of 1000+ holders since its inception.

Looking at $CBD Coin’s dedication to donating to people who can’t afford a natural wonder like CBD, it is clear that the company has adopted a commendable business model. The company will liaise with so that users can buy products via crypto payments using $CBD Coin.