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Hair Transplants Are More Than What You See in The Mirror


With recent advances in technology and their greater availability, hair transplants have become more common as people seek solutions to typical problems associated with aging and hair loss. Hair transplants help people live better and more satisfying lives by boosting their confidence and restoring their self-image. Este Medical Group is one of the premier skin and hair specialists in the U.K., and as per the experts here, hair transplants are more than what you see in the mirror.

Offering all types of hair transplantation services ranging from scalps to beards, Este Medical Group knows that hair is personal and what we do about it matters. “Beauty is more than skin-deep, and we help our patients look and feel their best,” explain the experts. “Your hair is a part of your identity, and that should always be treated with the utmost care and respect.”

By returning patients to their crowning glory, Este Medical Group can help them regain confidence in themselves. When patients are restored their original quality or type of hair, it goes past their reflection. The reflection that looks back at us should make us feel good. It should make us feel like ourselves, and that is precisely what Este Medical Group is committed to in their practice. “​We want our patients to approach their daily life with ease and confidence,” explain the founder, Sam Cinkir. “Too many people are hiding their true selves and going through life feeling insecure over things we can easily fix at our practice. We love helping others, and that is at the heart of our mission.”

W​hether restoring hair to its natural glory or offering incredible skincare options, Este Medical Group thrives from seeing their patients’ personalities shine through. To them, it’s more than just hair or skin, it’s someone’s confidence, identity, and self-image, which they help restore. Everyone deserves to believe in themselves, and Este Medical Group helps their patients put their best foot forward and conquer the world.

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