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Thais Gonzalez reflects on her musical journey


Thais Gonzalez is a woman of many talents. She is a model, a poet, an actress and is now also a musician. Known variously as Princess Thais and Sweet Té, Thais has established herself as a leading influencer on social media and especially in the hip hop community for her stark, no-nonsense approach to work and her stylish fashion sense.

In 2018, Thais made her first foray into music when she released her first single, “Took His Money,” and followed it with another hit single, “Heat,” which was released in late 2019. Both were produced by Parrish Smith of EPMD, hip hop legend and rapper. Parrish even helped out Thais and starred in the singles. “Took his Money” especially became a very good hit single because it was played in clubs across America and became a very well-known and often requested song at radio stations, including Hot 97. With these releases, Thais became a popular name in the hip hop community getting various offers and producing even more exciting music in her genre. 2020 was the peak of her popularity as she released yet another single, a remix of Felix Felgado’s single, “On My New York Sh*t.” As part of her career as an actress and model, Thais was also given the opportunity to appear in several music videos with musical greats like Rich Homie Quan, Rick Ross, and Rae Sremmurd, among others. She is already making her way to the top of the food chain.

Thais has also embraced her modelling career, having been featured on several magazine covers including The Epitome Magazine, Succoso, Nuvu Magazine, WCW, and also the Conceited Magazine, thus establishing herself as a noteworthy model. Today, she has become quite the sensation. Slowly, but surely, she is getting herself noticed in several fields where she is shining today due to her veritable skills and talents. She has also taken a stab at hosting and bartending for private celebrity parties and nightclubs which have ensured her celebrity status. Currently, she is the face of several brands of footwear and clothes such as SNKRHEAD NYC.

Thais has also used her skills and business acumen to launch her own lingerie and fashion line aptly named Sweet Teasories LLC. She hopes to add make-up products soon. “I want to focus on publishing more of my work, and helping women everywhere to achieve their true potential. Love yourself,” said Thais.