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An Exclusive Interview With the Brilliant Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich


Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich has built up a following on Instagram and Snapchat as @denverbodydoc, where he shares insights about his plastic surgery practice and provides education. He shared his philosophy, passions, and journey in an exclusive interview.

Dr. Slenkovich’s approach to plastic surgery is refreshing, as his ultimate goal is to help his patients be happy with themselves. He describes his philosophy toward his practice, saying, “I believe that plastic surgery is never the ‘solution,’ never the ‘destination,’ definitely not for everyone, [and] an intensely personal decision.” By offering plastic surgery to patients, Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich achieves his life purpose, which he feels “is to encourage others to explore and live the freedom of self-empowerment.” His approach to plastic surgery involves creating “a partnership with my patients.” He explains, “My business focuses first on a patient’s personal goals and their situation as they come to us. Not until we’ve identified this do we move forward to serve our clients and patients.”

For Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich, social media was not a part of his life until recently. He explains that his teenage daughter introduced him to it a few years ago, and “I was instantly intrigued with its ability to connect people and provide an educational forum.” Over the years, he has learned the deep benefits of social media, including for his practice. “Patients who utilize social media as part of their decision-making process to obtain plastic surgery are more aware of the surgery process – from preparation through post-surgical healing.”

Dr. Slenkovich’s early education is not what one typically expects from a plastic surgeon. He is a self-described “kindergarten rebel, high school dropout, double-board certified surgeon,” a combination you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere else. He admits, “at one point [I] had a college grade point average of 0.6,” but he made a major change. He explains, “Through deep self-reflection in my mid-20s, I knew my life was off-course, and I believed that I could do more to help others if I expected more of myself.” This led to him working toward his medical degree. He explains that when choosing a specialty, “I envisioned my plastic surgery practice as a natural fit for my desire to serve others and build a business that made a positive impact.”

Looking ahead to the future, Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich does not have any major changes planned. He wants to keep building his practice and its reach and make “an impact for my team and community and our patients.” He is also going to start looking for a potential successor in the next several years so that his practice can transition seamlessly when he is ready to retire.

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