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Establishing his unique name with his unique real estate entrepreneurial skills is Roman Shapovalov.


Taking inspiration from his friends, Roman went ahead in building a successful niche for himself as a young businessman.

So, when people get into the vast and ever-evolving business world, how many of those actually walk their path to success? This is quite complex to answer, but haven’t we noticed the rise of many talented beings who completely change the business game for the better. Of course, the easier this sound, the more difficult it is in reality. But, having said that, one also cannot deny how young and highly passionate individuals have been doing great in their chosen fields. One is the real estate space, an industry that is overflowing with talents, giving tremendous success to the industry on a consistent basis, and we can’t miss mentioning about a youngster who, as a real estate entrepreneur, has been trying to fulfil the God-given potential and take the real estate industry to the next level across America. He is Roman Shapovalov, the 26-year-old proficient professional in the industry.

Coming from a small country of Belarus, formally the Soviet Union, the 1994-born since his childhood days was sure about his dreams and what he aimed to achieve in life. At the age of 7, after shifting to the US, football and track attracted him the most, but at that point, Roman Shapovalov had no inch of an idea that life could get so much more thrilling and exciting for him, presenting him opportunities in one of the most growing industries of real estate in America.

Roman Shapovalov has had varied work experiences in life, from working odd jobs to getting graduated at the age of 14, to becoming the youngest IT manager at 16 and becoming the top automotive finance manager on the East Coast and then finally realizing his purpose and jumping into the real estate space. The young entrepreneurial talent, who has already proved his excellence in the industry at the age of 26, reveals that he got inspired by his friends who did exceptionally well as real estate investors. 

 The young real estate entrepreneur realized the many new opportunities and potential of the industry and for his aspirations to become his own boss, he immersed himself in the industry completely to rise above others as a success story, others could take inspiration from.

 “Sometimes I work for 15 hours a day and some others day for 4-5 hours, but all in all I totally enjoy the process, where I can be myself, take care of my business, delegate tasks to other efficient professionals and get the work done, at the end of the day,” says Roman Shapovalov, who believes that an entrepreneur gets paid for the results and not the time he spends on doing the task. He thinks his life has been a rollercoaster of a ride, but all worth it in the end.

 We only wish him the best for the many other feats he is yet to achieve as a real estate entrepreneur.

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