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How to Set Powerful Goals in 3 Steps, Abdulla Saeed Almarri Explains


Setting powerful goals is the first step towards creating an extraordinary life. Whether it is finances, relationships, health goals, work-life balance, spiritual growth, business expansion, or career progression, a clear approach and goal setting are quintessential to upscale yourself in any arena of life. As per Abdulla Saeed Almarri, “goal-setting is the most powerful way to fructify your life’s aims and transform them into achievements.” In a recent conversation, Abdulla Saeed Almarri shares a blueprint for setting powerful goals in three steps. Let’s delve:

  1. Set Clear Goals

As per psychology, a clear or SMART goal can be defined as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bounded. “When you set clear goals, you find clear directions to reach them,” says Abdulla Saeed Almarri. Vague goals do not lead you anywhere; therefore, to set yourself on the right path, you must specify your goals clearly, know how you’re going to measure them, and set a timeline to attain these goals.

  1. Dream Big

While setting attainable goals is important, Abdulla Saeed Almarri believes that aiming for a higher goal challenges the brain and helps it find a way to achieve what once looked unachievable. “Dream big! Remember, if you’re truly passionate about realizing your dreams, nothing can stop you,” elaborates Abdulla Saeed Almarri.

  1. Press “Reset”

Once you’ve laid clear goals that are big enough to scare you, the last step is to reset your mind. “Our mindset can either be the biggest hurdle or the strongest tool for achieving our goals,” explains Abdulla Saeed Almarri. “When starting on a new set of goals, it’s good to reset your mind in order to start afresh. Shed old patterns, and imbibe new habits that facilitate in achieving your goals.”

Abdulla Saeed Almarri also shares those goals must be segregated as short-term and long-term goals. While long-term goals lend a higher vision of life, short-term goals set the pace for everyday achievements.