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Never Give Up, Even in the Face of the Most Desperate Situations – Roberto Maggio


Being an entrepreneur or a business owner is one of the most challenging occupations. When people read about successful companies and their owners, they often imagine entrepreneurs as people with great ideas and many employees who do all the hard work for them.

In reality, entrepreneurs are the ones who invest long days and even longer nights for the businesses they love. A whopping 72% of entrepreneurs self-reported mental health concerns resulting from the crucial pressure they feel. Furthermore, according to Jessica Bruder, an American journalist, a significant percentage of entrepreneurs “struggled through moments of near-debilitating anxiety and despair—times when it seemed everything might crumble” before they made it big.

Roberto Maggio is no exception. Maggio is a seasoned Italian entrepreneur who has been doing business for more than 40 years. Maggio is the man who developed the first programs and websites in Italy and used his technical and managerial skills to build a millionaire web service. His main business is represented by the electronic payment support systems that his company supplies all over the world.

Maggio is also active in business consulting, investment, and real estate sectors in Sofia, his hometown. Furthermore, he is the head of an established company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that supplies hospital equipment and a luxury yacht rental company in the Canary Islands.

Even though he has an impressive portfolio and several companies under his belt, Maggio experienced his fair share of failures before he rose to success. However, his strong will and stubbornness never allowed him to quit, even in the face of the most desperate situations.

“I would like to be remembered for my curiosity and my stubbornness. I hope to leave this legacy, that of a man who faced a thousand problems to get where he arrived but never gave up, even in the face of the most desperate situations,” Roberto Maggio says.

Maggio advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to make the most of the situation they are in. But, unlike many people who give up when the going gets tough, Maggio tries to make the most out of the situation. Even if he fails, he treats the experience as a lesson, not as a reason to quit.

“To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a mentality that combines the courage to take risks, perseverance in the face of problems, but also the ability to change direction when you realize that the undertaking is leading nowhere,” Maggio says.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging career paths. However, Maggio believes that everyone can succeed as long as they are willing to dedicate themselves to their business. So, if you’re running a business or you’re planning to start a company, prepare yourself for setbacks and failures. But, when they happen, don’t give up. Instead, listen to Roberto Maggio’s advice and try to treat failure as just another lesson, even when it seems that everything is lost.