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HighKey is Taking Over on BitClout


As more people worldwide gain interest in the idea of joining or investing in a decentralized social media platform, the big guns of BitClout are revealing their strategies for making it big on BitClout.

What is BitClout?

Imagine what Twitter or Instagram would be like if the retweets and likes on your hit posts could be transformed into equity and more ownership of your brand? BitClout is a step in that direction. While it doesn’t monetize the engagements of its users, BitClout instead allows users to gain equity on their ‘creator coins,’ which everyone can buy and sell.

The concept is that investors will spend money to buy BitClout coin of various influencers and celebrities who are strong prospects to gain more success. . The value of a user’s coins will rise as demand increases and more users buy into the individual’s clout. On the other hand, if users sell their coin of a specific creator, that creator’s value will go down.

Because of the open-source nature of the platform, anyone can buy coins on BitClout by simply navigating to the profile of the celebrity or brand they want to invest in and hitting “Buy.”

HighKey, Diamond Hands, and Jake Udell: What They Have in Common

BitClout has already preloaded the profiles of the top 15,000 influencers on Twitter, meaning users can start buying and selling their coins already even before the influx of celebrities and influencers begin joining the platform.

Among the individuals who have actually claimed their BitClout profiles already are marketing and tech enterprise, HighKey, and @diamondhands. What these accounts have in common is that they sparked interest in investors wanting to buy their coins, and are constantly looking for ways to increase value for their coin holders.

For Luke, Jordan, and Jackson Lintz, brothers and co-founders of HighKey Coin, the opportunity of the pioneering platform far outweighs the fear and skepticism. The brothers say they are investing in creators they have partnered with on giveaway campaigns in the past, as well as celebrities they personally know who have the potential to make it even bigger in the future.

To those who still have doubts about the platform and its investment opportunity, the Lintz brothers say they are offering reassurance that you are not alone.

 “We still have our speculations and doubts with BitClout, as any person would when getting into a platform this early, but we had to jump on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support a concept that is perfectly aligned with our goals,” the brothers said in a statement. “After all, we’re not gambling with money that we can’t afford to lose. Instead, we’re investing soundly into a concept that we are very educated in with the potential of a 1,000x return.”

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