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How Faye Nguyen Is Bridging the Gap of Readily Available Information on Speech Pathology


Although most people are aware of speech pathologists, only a few have a good understanding of the field or even think of it as a potential career path. Faye Nguyen is working to fight the lack of readily available information about speech pathology.

Faye began posting photos in 2016. She didn’t mention speech pathology until her social media following on Instagram and other sites took off. Then, she realized how little information there was available about speech pathology. There was almost no information about speech pathology. Nor was there any for people interested in learning more about the career.

She decided to take advantage of her unique position as both a practicing speech pathologist and a content creator to change this. According to Faye, “In 2019, I started a YouTube channel to talk more about speech pathology as there is not enough content related to this topic on this platform.” Before this, Faye did not mention her job as a speech pathologist on her content.

Faye Nguyen’s YouTube channel features videos and a playlist on speech pathology. There are also playlists dedicated to her other passions, including photography and fashion. This helps make speech pathology more accessible. Her video content is presented in a readily available and easy-to-understand method. Faye shares her journey as a speech-language pathologist on her YouTube channel. She also shares a glimpse of her daily life in the field, as well as provides information on salaries, grad school applications, and more. This approach is unique. Faye explains, “Traditionally speaking, these two worlds (content creation and SLP) are mutually exclusive.” By combining the two, Faye offers something distinct and introduces the field of speech pathology to her followers.

Faye Nguyen was born in Vietnam. She received her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from the Washington State University. She has worked professionally as a speech pathologist since graduating in 2014. Her work experience includes working with pediatric speech pathology. Most recently, Faye founded the Autism United Action non-profit organization. This project combines her passion for sharing information on speech pathology with assisting others. The non-profit organization works to bring treatment to children with autism in countries without enough treatment or knowledge. It builds on her experience treating children as a speech pathologist.

Faye Nguyen’s social media posts and YouTube channel also carry content creator posts about fashion and photography. She also dedicates a portion of YouTube channel and other social media posts to speech-language pathology. This allows her to extend her reach to more people.

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