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Inspiring Gaming Pro Bispen Paves the Way for Women to Succeed in Streaming and eSports


The number of women in esports has been on an upward trend lately. However, even as more women join online gaming, most of them get stuck as they do not know their way around the industry. According to Hannah “Bispen” Geensburg, diversity is integral to the success of any sector, and with women accounting for 35% of esports gamers and 30% of esports viewers, it is important to pave the way for more women in the industry.

Hannah “Bispen” is a celebrated pro gamer girl who paves the way for other women in esports. At 17, Bispen is a professional esports athlete, Youtuber, Influencer, streamer, and role model to women in esports. Her abilities in the industry have not gone unnoticed as she has won several tournaments and is an active gamer on both Twitch and Youtube.

Her experience in the esports gaming world has taught her that empowering women in the industry will help revolutionize the future of esports gaming and streaming. Bispen argues that even as competitive entertainment, women stand to learn so much from the industry. There have been challenges along the way as she has climbed the ladder. Bispen has faced these challenges head on and even had people look down on her for being a female esports gamer and streamer. However, this has only served to build her determination and make her stronger.

Bispen says that knowing she is a source of empowerment for other women in esports keeps her grounded. Her determination to show women that they can break into any field is unmatched. Bispen focuses on getting better at her profession to become a recognized female figure in esports gaming to inspire other women.

In addition, Bispen helps other gaming enthusiasts learn how to break into the industry by sharing tips and techniques. Her esports streaming on Twitch and Youtube has served as a guide for many new players into the gaming world.

Besides her passion for supporting other women in esports gaming, Bispen says that she is doing this for herself. When she got started in the industry, there wasn’t as much support for female gamers. She never wants anyone to feel as lonely as she did when she first started. She is determined to help women feel accepted and supported by the community. Moreover, building an inclusive environment will help grow esports as a sector.

Recently, Bispen beat “Dream”, one of the most famous Minecraft youtuber, and posted the video for her fans to watch on her TikTok.

With the number of women and girls in esports growing each year, Bispen is hard at work ensuring that she empowers women and girls to believe in their gaming abilities. Her advice to women in this space is to believe in themselves and push to build their esports gaming career.

Speaking about leadership in the industry, Bispen says that more women leaders will help move the industry forward. Even though there’s still a long way to go, the ball is already rolling, and Bispen is positive that the industry is now recognizing the benefits of inclusivity and diversity.

Bispen is a perfect example of women changing the world and paving the way for other women and girls. Her determination in esports is apparent, and she is definitely one to watch!


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