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Why Forging Meaningful Business Relationships Is the Key to Success, as per Michael Bievetski


Part of success is what you know, but who you know can have a lot to do with it as well. Making the right connections has been a significant part of Michael Bievetski’s tremendous success as he built his empire on non-stop networking.

Moscow-born Michael Bievetski immigrated to Germany at a young age. Poor and not speaking a word of German, he was fueled by a dream and the promise of a new country. After failing high school, Bievetski got a job as a banker and began his remarkable journey. It was during this time that he realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Soon, Bievetski launched an automobile and lifestyle magazine. He was quick to partner up with luxury names in the automobile industry, like Bentley, McLaren, and Mercedes-Benz. Bievetski completed his studies in Hannover and Frankfurt, which were the first step to building his formidable expertise in marketing management and investments. Now as an Investor and Consultant, Michael Bievetski is passionate about helping companies set up businesses in Dubai and finding the next startup to be a unicorn.

With a philosophy of investing in people, Bievetski describes himself as a solution provider who forms a strong connection with others. While he has the title of consultant and investor, Michael Bievetski spends most of his time brokering deals and networking with the right people. This formula has generated an impressive record for the entrepreneur as he pursues his goal of building an interconnected community of businesses across Dubai.

Bievetski has endured hardships, including losing money on failed ideas and having to start over again at some point. But he has overcome these challenges with a desire to inspire others and lead them towards a bright future. While he once thought about giving up, Michael Bievetski credits resilience as the characteristic that propelled him to fight on and eventually succeed. Openly admitting that entrepreneurship is challenging, Bievetski advises people never to give up and forge meaningful relationships in the process.