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Marco Champion: How You Can Use Social Media to Spread a Positive Impact


Many people are looking to do good in the world but are unsure how to do it. Marco Champion embraces this desire to spread positivity and uses his influence and knowledge to do just that. Along the way, he has learned some valuable insights that others can also use to do the same.

The idea of creating a positive impact is nothing new to Champion. Following his near-death experience when he was run over by a car, he has mainly focused on “creating businesses that make a positive impact.” This goal is so vital to Champion that he founded iLegendz, which he describes as “an exclusive network of influential people.” The group focuses on spreading a positive impact through social media.” In the words of the iLegendz Network’s website, “Through elite education, guidance, and access to exclusive resources, our members make a significant impact to not only their lives but the lives of their followers as well.”

Marco Champion shares a great deal of his knowledge in spreading a positive impact on social media via the iLegendz Network. Some of that knowledge and passion inspired the organization’s creation, while more was discovered as it developed. The iLegendz Network website outlines that its goal is to “empower the right leaders and spread their message to the masses by focusing on the social media platforms that have the most opportunity for attention.” Anyone looking to do good and spread positivity can take a similar approach. They should focus their efforts on platforms with the most considerable opportunities. Champion follows his advice by growing his brand, including on social media. As he explains, “The more people who know, like, and trust me, the more opportunity I have to grow my businesses.” This also allows him to spread even more positivity on social media and in real-world interactions.

Marco Champion grew up in Chula Vista in South San Diego. A near-death experience in the car accident changed the trajectory of his life as he used his mind to heal his body. This encouraged him to share positivity and become a spiritual entrepreneur. In his own words, “with all my businesses, I strive to help people focus on what they love and to progress. This is my passion.”

Even people who are not influential enough to be part of Marco Champion’s iLegendz Network can follow its principles and those that have led Champion to success. Promoting your brand and gaining trust with a focus on the most influential social media platforms allows you to spread the most positivity.