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One Luxury’s secret to success is their ability to give their customers an unforgettable experience


The CEO of One Luxury, Domenica Graci,  hopes to make all her clients’ travel experiences enjoyable with her company and brand. Everyone wants their vacation to be filled with excitement, fun, and high-quality facilities. That’s what One Luxury does. The business, which is based in Cologne, Germany, aims to provide the best services and make people feel at ease throughout their travels.

Domenica’s love of travel, which she has since her childhood, is the driving force behind her decision to embark on the exciting journey of opening up her travel company, One Luxury.

As someone who loves traveling, she understands how to make it luxurious and appealing to others. “The trick is to make sure that people have a great time when they do business with you. Give them a horde of memories and your clients will never forget the joy that you brought to their lives. That is what I wanted to bring to my customers,” she said. Her childhood passion has given her access to all the things that make her company great.

One Luxury is a high-quality travel and events company for a particular client community that has expectations of high-quality experiences and a need for customized solutions for their projects. The customer is at the heart of everything that One Luxury does. Attention is paid to every single detail and the staff strives to make the impossible a reality. “Failure is not an option for us. We thrive on positive feedback and praise. So, for us, giving up on a task at hand is not acceptable. I want One Luxury to become more and more popular and the name to be synonymous with Domenica Graci. That’s my goal for the company,” said Domenica.

At One Luxury, they focus on building everlasting memories, all thanks to Domenica Graci.