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Top 3 Tips To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories From Fitness Model and Influencer Savannah Wright


When it comes to weight loss there are a lot of different approaches, some people count every calorie, others simply go by how their body feels. Savannah Wright is a fitness model, influencer, and founder of Get Fit With Sav, and knows personally how frustrating the struggle with weight loss can be. Wright found what worked for her and now helps other women get the bodies they want through her exercise program. Wright shares three tips for losing weight without counting calories.

  1. Eat in a calorie deficit. You have to burn more calories than you are taking in, as a rule of thumb in weight loss. This does not mean going on a crazy fad or extreme diet. Instead, Wright suggests focusing on learning about carbs, protein, and fat. People cut carbs because they think they are bad, but do not understand there are benefits from eating the appropriate amount of the right carbs. Add more leafy greens and proteins to feel full longer. A high protein diet aids weight loss because it discourages overeating, and helps your body build lean muscle while exercising.
  2. Be intentional with your cardio, increase high interval intensity training (HIIT) training and burn more calories. You can get an intense, highly effective workout in 30 minutes instead of two hours on a bike or machine. Another area you can add exercise and cardio is by walking, walking to the store, instead of meeting a friend for coffee and sitting down, walking and chatting with coffee.
  3. Stay hydrated and get enough sleep. This is a big one, water plays a role in many processes in our bodies that are part of weight loss. Water increases calorie burning, helps remove waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Being hydrated means you will have a better workout; it keeps the whole body running better. Sleep also matters, if you are tired you will be drawn to sugary snacks and drinks, poor sleeping habits will start to affect your body’s metabolism, and how fast it breaks down fat.

Wright also suggests looking into weight training, because that burns a lot of calories, and helps shape your body the way you want to. She shares recipes, workouts, and weight training tips in her program Get Fit With Sav. Learn more on her website and connect with her on Instagram, and YouTube!

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