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Director Ali Shares His Secrets to Success as a Music Video Director


Director Ali is one of the most sought-after music video directors in the industry. He is also a music producer and brand manager and currently manages B Young, a British rapper who is his younger brother. His creative and innovative video directing skills have made him a name in the music video scene, placing him ahead of most other directors.

He has a great understanding of the music industry, having ventured in as an artist back in 2011. He had a decent run as an artist but was forced to drop the path due to personal reasons. During the same time, B Young was working on his music catalog and Ali offered to help. Unknown to both of them, the simple gesture turned into a management deal that they built on to creatively direct B Young’s entire music career.

Director Ali had started a new path and while B Young handled the audio production, Ali was busy taking care of all things related to videos. After several years of working together, the duo blew up between 2017 and 2018. They got a lot of recognition and more opportunities came their way. This opened doors for director Ali to work with some of the bigger production teams and record labels, an experience that elevated his understanding of the music industry.

As a brand manager, he did not like the way some of the directors branded his artists. He felt they were not doing enough and there was a need to first understand the brand and the character of the artist. This would place the directors in a better position to represent the artists in the best way possible. With a passion for visual representation and branding, he made a move, picked up the camera, and went into music video directing.

A determined and passionate individual, Ali has kept on learning and sharpening his skills. He is considered a unique talent for his innovative approach to music video directing and producing.

Unlike other directors, Ali prefers working as a one-man team. He also does not have a favorite set of equipment. To him, they are all just tools to bring to life his ideas. He has tried a lot of cameras, from the REDs to the DSLRs, and has realized that what matters is convenience. He uses any equipment he has access to but is more likely to go for the ones that make his work easier. For instance, he is currently shooting with the Sony a7S III while Ronin-S is his preferred equipment.

Director Ali is selective about the artists he works with. He prefers an artist who will allow him to be involved with their music career and that’s why he works with B Young. He needs to get involved as it opens up his vision when building on the music videos. Billy Billions is another artist he has shot videos for as he was involved in Billy’s management team.

He foresees a wonderful future for the music video industry, especially with more access to quality equipment. There has never been a perfect time for young creatives to showcase their skills than today. He has thoughts of filmmaking in the future but wants to take it slow. He is now focused on music videos and will be slowly transitioning into filmmaking.