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Jack Skipp shares 3 Types of Goals and What Works Best


It’s one thing to set goals, but to work towards them is an entirely different game. You must begin to actively work on your goals before you can meet them, much less exceed them. Jack Skipp shares some tips on how to achieve your goals like a pro and turbo-charge your business!

Motivational Goals

As per Jack Skipp, “goals and motivation go hand in hand. Set goals that will get you up and moving because those goals are important to you and your organization. To do so, create goals that have direct value in achieving them.” Let’s say you have a messy desk, and your boss hints you will have a bigger bonus if you clean it up. There is financial motivation to meet the goal of tidying up! Goals should also reflect high priorities and a “do it now” mentality.

Realistic Goals

“You can set lofty goals, but it is much less overwhelming to break them into smaller goals,” states Jack. Let’s say you want to do $100,000 in sales over the next four months. Break this down week to week or even day to day. The goal is the same, but it is much more realistic. And if you bring in more than the daily or weekly amount, consider using that extra amount to do something special for yourself or your team. This loops right back to motivational goals.

Set SMART & Specific Goals

Goals must be clear, defined, and provide direction. By defining exactly what you want, you are eliminating any confusion and effectively sharing your plans. Jack elaborates, “Make your goals more than specific, make them SMART:

Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. By using this process, you will crush your organizational goals.”

Finally, goals are a desired outcome. Jack Skipp believes that “your motivation and mindset are key components to whether or not you will get the results you want.” Essentially, you ultimately determine whether or not you achieve that desired outcome.

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