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Rosemarie Guadalupe Shares her Ultimate Mantra for Confidence and Self-Belief


A few things stand out when you first meet Rosemarie Guadalupe; her confidence in any situation stands out the most. Most people struggle with self-belief and conviction, but Guadalupe says she has found the ultimate mantra that keeps her grounded and boosts her determination to succeed.

Rosemarie Guadalupe is a social media star, Instagram model, and adult entertainer. She has built her career in two years after working as a resource specialist for four years at a community health center. Popularly known as Sazon De Puerto Rico, Guadalupe has built a following, and her OnlyFans account has seen her make her first million dollars.

Explaining the meaning of her alter ego, Sazon De Puerto Rico, Rosemarie says that it symbolizes her pride in being Puerto Rican. The name, which translates to ‘flavor of Puerto Rico,’ represents the special spice of Puerto Ricans. At her core, Guadalupe pays homage to where she is from as it built her and helped foster her confidence.

Being in the digital space can be daunting, especially with many people picking at every aspect of your life and appearance. Guadalupe says she deals with this by brushing it aside and keeping her focus on her grind. In her words, ‘you can please everyone,’ people will always have their opinions.

Her ultimate mantra since entering the business has been, ‘I’m not waiting on anybody. When I want something, I will do everything I can to achieve it.” Guadalupe says that this has given her the drive she needs to conquer any challenges standing in her way. She has learned to be herself and embrace her overall vibe.

In addition to her strong belief in going after what you want, Guadalupe also stresses the importance of having fun with what you do and enjoying life. Her bubbly personality helps balance the serious aspects of her career.

Armed with a strong work ethic, Guadalupe highlights the importance of maintaining professional relationships to achieve your goals. Her mantra helps her keep all aspects of her life and career balanced so that she can move forward. She notes that it is crucial to know yourself before you go into any job or engagement. Help your body feel right and at the moment whatever it takes, whether food, music or dance.

Speaking of the highlights in her career, Guadalupe lists when she made her first million dollars, achieving over one million followers on Instagram and when she got paid for a pop-up appearance at a club in Boston.

Guadalupe is incredibly grateful to her fans as they’ve helped her build her online presence and establish her brand. She encourages people to live by a carefully thought-out mantra that will help them navigate all of life’s challenges. Craft your ultimate tagline around consistency, boosting your go-getter spirit, and putting yourself out there; this is especially important for models and social media personalities.

Considering the success she has managed to garner in two years, Rosemarie Guadalupe is a star working her way towards her crown. She is an inspiration to everyone struggling with self-belief and confidence.