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Hermes Mansour Shares 5 Critical Life Lessons From His Own Success Journey


Actor and entrepreneur Hermes Mansour has already seen a lot of success in his life. As he continues to build both his acting and entrepreneurial careers, he shares the most important life lessons from his success so far.

Find Stepping Stones When Necessary. Hermes believes that not every single move you make needs an obvious connection to your goals. For example, his early career was in demolition. This was not a passion of his, but it was a means to gain the funds to pursue his passions. As he explains, “It [demolition] was an area where I could see great potential to start my career, but ultimately was a means to an end, a leg up to pursue my true passions.”

You Don’t Always Recognize Success. Most aspiring entrepreneurs expect to have an epiphany or a moment where they realize they have the right idea. Hermes learned that this is not the case. He says, “Ultimately, no one ever really knows ’til you find success. Even then, you can still have your doubts.”

Learning From Losses. Most successful people are of the opinion that failures are learning experiences. This is true for Hermes, who says, “I’ve certainly had losses.” However, he clarifies that “A loss is only a failure if you were unable to learn from it.”

Believe in Yourself. Hermes has also learned the importance of believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. When asked about advice he would give to someone starting out, he says the following: “Most importantly, back yourself, because no one else will.”

Your Efforts Continue After Success. Hermes debunks the idea that once you achieve success, your work is done. He says, “Success is perpetual. If I am breathing, I am striving….In my mind, the work is never done, and success is a daily practice in pursuit of itself.”

Hermes Mansour has always wanted to be an actor and has successfully made strides in that area by appearing in various roles, including several on Channel Nine. He has launched a supercar rental fleet in Dubai with his brother in 2018. This fleet has already been successful enough that they have plans to expand into super-yachts, super-skis, and other experiences.

Hermes Mansour has already achieved enough success to learn valuable lessons along the way. He plans to keep those lessons in mind as he continues expanding his career and achieving his goals.