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Rom Raviv Is Changing the Industry with White Label Podcast Editing


White label companies sell products or services to other companies which resell them as their own. The white label business model is already used in many industries, but when it comes to podcast editing, Podblade is the first white label company to exist. Podblade was founded by Rom Raviv to aid other podcast editing companies in managing their clients.

Rom is a 20-year-old entrepreneur, writer, and podcast host from Long Island, New York. He started his own podcast, Spreading Success, when he was 18. Although it is now among the top 50 marketing shows on Apple Podcasts, Rom admits that he initially struggled to keep the podcast going, particularly when it came to the challenge of editing everything himself.

This gave him the idea to help other podcast hosts deal with this hassle, which would enable them to focus more on creating the actual content for their shows instead of stressing over the editing process. This, of course, is what led to the creation of Podblade. However, he soon realized that plenty of other similar companies already existed, and competition was fierce.

Rather than getting discouraged because his company wasn’t standing out as he’d hoped, he instead came up with a new business idea. He turned Podblade from a B2C (business to consumer) company to a B2B (business to business) company. This means that instead of offering services to podcasters themselves, the company instead offers its services to other podcast editing companies.

Podblade is the first white label podcast editing company, and currently the only one. As a white label company, Podblade works with other editing companies to perform the edits these companies want, while allowing them to claim full credit for the work accomplished. This can be extremely helpful for small editing companies that find themselves dealing with more work than they can reasonably handle.

Rom provides podcast editing companies a way to complete their projects without overworking their personnel. The editing companies still get to be in control of everything else, including their price rates, and Podblade won’t take any percentage of their sales.

Podblade acknowledges that the growth of a podcast editing company starts with quality output. This helps keep clients satisfied and loyal to the company. With a white label company like Podblade, other companies can have all that with fewer expenses, less effort, and less stress.

The team at Podblade has experience in more than 25 different podcast genres, and they have served more than 200 other companies, all of whom have reviewed Podblade positively. Podblade’s editors and podcast managers have been trained well in their roles and are regularly evaluated to make sure the quality of their output is always top-notch.

It can be said that Podblade offers services that no other companies in the podcast editing industry do. Podblade has helped its clients boost their brand visibility and grow their businesses with less effort. The one who led all this is Rom Raviv. If you’re interested in Rom and what he’s up to these days, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.