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According to Dr. Gregory Crichlow, Breakthrough Ideas Should Come With Longevity


Dr. Gregory Crichlow is an aesthetics plastic surgeon with 25 years of clinical experience. Dr. Crichlow is also the founder of AvantBlue Medical Systems, a highly innovative practice that offers world-class beauty solutions. Dr. Crichlow’s practice is headquartered in Barbados with offices throughout the region and has become one of the most renowned medical tourism destinations.

AvantBlue Medical Systems is known for surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic solutions that help patients feel more comfortable in their own skin. Thanks to his hard work, dedication, and innovation, Dr. Crichlow has managed to develop numerous ingenious aesthetic solutions that have caused world-class disruptive results. He was the first to introduce certain cosmetic surgeries in Barbados and the region. He is also one of the few doctors who took up transformative approaches to facial rejuvenation.

After establishing AvantBlue Medical Systems 14 years ago, Dr. Crichlow’s practice experienced meteoric growth, allowing him to establish a proprietary private label and multiple company branches throughout the region. When asked about his secret to success, Dr. Crichlow explained that all physicians with a private practice must receive non-medical business education.

“Prior to opening my own practice, I received business education. Running a practice is the same as running any other business,” Dr. Gregory Crichlow explains. “Business education helped me develop a strong understanding and appreciation for marketing and business growth through relationship building and adding value. As a result, I am able to deliver a quality product or service in a way that makes all of my patients go from just “a customer” to a raving fan,” he says.

Dr. Crichlow also believes that, in order to achieve professional success, people must accomplish three things. “First, you must be able to balance your work and your personal life,” he says. “Then, you must ensure that the work you do is always high quality, and any breakthrough idea that you get should come with a long lifeline.”

In addition, and in support of this idea, Dr. Crichlow also developed a few of his own breakthrough ideas that have changed patients’ lives for several years now. He is particularly proud of Metabolic Fusion MD®, a weight loss program that has helped Dr. Crichlow’s patients lose up to (and in a few cases over) 100 pounds. The program has a very high success rate and ensures that patients can maintain their new weight as well.

Since Dr. Gregory Crichlow managed to become a household name and turn AvantBlue into one of the most popular medical tourism destinations, it can be said that his rules to success are undoubtedly effective. AvantBlue Medical Systems emphasizes patient safety, quality patient experience, and world-class and world-leading results.