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Education and Empowerment: How Alexis Parcells MD Is Sharing the Benefits of Plastic Surgery


The perception of plastic surgery is changing as more and more people begin to understand it. Dr. Alexis Parcells says that for a long time there has been a lot of stigma associated with people getting plastic surgeries. But the tide is slowly shifting as more people understand the benefits of plastic surgery and the reasons why others choose to have it. Dr. Parcells highlights the misinformation surrounding plastic surgery and hopes to change the perception through education and empowerment.

Dr. Alexis Parcells is a board-certified plastic surgeon, advocate for women’s health and empowerment, and founder of Sunnie Skin, a skin care studio that specializes in clean medical-grade skincare products. Her studio offers services like fillers, Botox, CO2 laser for fine line correction, and sun damage protection. Through her website, Brave Bras, she empowers breast cancer survivors and helps them better understand the reconstruction options available to them after mastectomy.

According to Dr. Parcells, information and awareness on plastic surgery options available and the possible benefits are lacking among the general public. In her practice, she has noted that some patients don’t have sufficient information on the procedures they undergo. Therefore, she is working hard to ensure that more people understand plastic surgery and have the information they need to know about surgical procedures. Even as cosmetic procedures gain popularity and become more mainstream, misinformation is doing a disservice to the many benefits of plastic surgery.

More information and education on plastic surgery is one of the things that Dr. Alexis Parcells is passionate about. She emphasizes the importance of knowing the processes and educating the public because she has seen a lot of people spreading negativity without understanding. She also explains that most people focus on the negatives of cosmetic practices and completely overshadow the positives.

Through her Instagram and Facebook, Dr. Parcells empowers women to be bold and take charge of their health and confidence. She ensures that her patients leave satisfied with their results and armed with the information needed to make informed decisions. Dr. Parcells aims to give the most up-to-date information through her website and social media to combat misinformation. She wants to empower more women to know the benefits of cosmetic procedures and understand the reasons why many choose to have them.

Dr. Alexis Parcells believes that breast cancer survivors often get a lot of misinformation that can confuse them. Through Brave Bras, Dr. Parcells is walking these survivors through the options available to them and helping them make the best, most informed decisions for themselves.

In addition to her practice as a surgeon, she uses her expertise to serve as a clinical instructor at RWJ Barnabas Health. She is recognized for her excellence in teaching and has earned two NJMS Golden Apple nominations. She has authored several textbooks and professional journal articles. To extend her reach to many people, she takes part in volunteer activities for breast cancer organizations like the Breasties, and Minette’s Angels.

Dr. Parcells is recognized as an empowering plastic surgeon who is removing the stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures. She believes that if more people have the right information on plastic surgery, the stigma will slowly be removed. By providing the right information, more people, especially women, will be bold enough to try cosmetic procedures without the fear of what others think.