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How to Defy the Odds & Choose a Path to Success? IG Star Jen Blanco Explains


Everyone dreams of having a fulfilling career, and becoming successful. Unfortunately however, most people fail in making their dreams come true. Some blame a lack of monetary support for their failure, while others claim that only a few ‘lucky ones’ can become successful. Jen Blanco, however, proves these assumptions wrong.

Jen is an aspiring Instagram model, who grew her fan base to 400k in only four months. Born and raised in Maryland, Jen went from working a minimum wage job to making six figures in under a year, all thanks to her new Instagram modeling career.

“My biggest success [has been my ability] to gain 100k followers each month organically. [Previously,] I had no background in marketing, or social media growth, [and] I barely had a social media page where I was active. Now, thanks to the knowledge I have acquired, I can monetize my accounts and explore new platforms with confidence. I am grateful I have a non-traditional occupation where I am exposed to different and unique experiences every day,” Jen says.

When asked about her secret to success and rapid social media growth, Jen was more than happy to share her experience:

“Many people would say that I got lucky. On the contrary, I knew what I was passionate about, and I decided to make it happen no matter what.”

When she was just starting out, Jen explains that she would pay other agencies for help. As a result, she didn’t get the opportunity to learn herself. So, she decided to take over her account and start growing her fan base organically instead. It didn’t take long before Jen realized that TikTok was the tool she needed to grow her following.

“When I first started to grow my account, I [paid] for ads to get my account some attention, but quickly realized that I didn’t need to. After making my TikTok account (@Viraljen), almost all of my videos went viral. My most-viewed video has 17 million views! [Because] my videos [did] so well, I [started to] post consistently to keep up the traction.”

When asked to share tips for those who are still trying to make it on social media, Jen said that networking was the key to success.

“Connect with people in your field of interest, and gain more knowledge on how they expanded their brand or name. Be as consistent as possible with posting. As long as you have a strong vision for yourself and your future, everything is possible,” says Jen.

Jen’s five-year plan includes creating a thriving YouTube channel, and owning a mansion somewhere in the hills. She also wants to continue motivating her fans to work hard, and make their dreams come true. Finally, Jen says, “I believe that if you have a vision or passion for something, you shouldn’t give up, and you should keep going. You will figure it out and be successful.”