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“I Haven’t Failed Yet Because I Haven’t Stopped,” Says Justine Aquarius


It may come as no surprise that being one’s own boss sounds ideal to a large population. In fact, research was conducted prior to the pandemic by Gallop for a 2019 Inuit QuickBook survey for Self-Employment and Gig Economy Trends in the U.S., which showed that self-employment has become increasingly popular in the United States. The data revealed that 28% of people worked within the self-employment world, and 14% of people’s primary income comes from self-employment.

Although 28% may not seem like a large number initially, it shockingly represents 44 million workers who hold some form of self-employment. With such a large number of people reporting to be self-employed, it stands to reason that self-employment may continue to rise. Perhaps many people want a taste of independence within their careers; Justine Aquarius is one such person.

Justine Aquarius learned early on in her career that the corporate world was not for her and rather enjoyed the autonomy of being self-employed. Justine is now a successful digital media business owner who has over 300,000 followers and connects with them by sharing her uplifting and fun personality on social media. Following the success of her digital media business, Justine started to explore investing in real estate and also has plans to create a lap dance/women’s empowerment course.

Although she now has made many accomplishments being self-employed, it was no walk in the park to arrive at her current position. Justine attributes her success to the sacrifices she has made and the dedication she gives to her work.

To many, Justine Aquarius and other self-employed business owners may be perceived as living the “good life,” with their freedom to have flexible schedules, control over all the decisions made, and opportunities to nurture their true passions within their work. However, what often isn’t revealed are the challenges self-employed workers face and the silent prices they have to pay to be successful. Justine emphasizes that business owners willing to give up their time, space, and personal enjoyments set themselves apart from the competition and lead to success. In fact, Justine made a sacrifice to give up her personal space and rent out the property she lived in at the time. This sacrifice created a stable income for Justine and enabled her to make new investments in real estate.

Justine’s success not only lies within the sacrifices she’s made but also, perhaps more importantly, is attributed to her work ethic and outlook on failure. Being self-employed brings many challenges that will test individual reactions to failure. Justine has a unique response to failing, which is that she has never failed because she has never stopped working hard. Justine explains that failing is not a setback unless one responds to it by giving up. She knows nothing is impossible for her to achieve because her mindset views failure as part of the process—a stepping stone to success, rather than something that stops her in her tracks. For so many self-employed workers, failure is part of the job, and perhaps the biggest key to success is to keep going, or as Justine likes to put it, “Do something. Start something. Failure is a rather little setback than the end of the road. You’re never going to get anywhere unless you start something.”