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How Former Stay-at-home Mom Angela Kim Became A Six-Figure Parenting Influencer


Parenting struggles are common for new parents all over the world. Angela Kim has gone through a handful of trials as a mother and has learned a lot about parenting and motherhood. She used these experiences to inspire and guide other parents in their own journeys and created Mommy Diary. After years of building her community, she has reached a six-figure income from her endeavor and couldn’t be more satisfied with her impact on the world.

Angela is a dedicated mother of four who uses her knowledge to share tips about parenthood and lifestyle, among many other topics. She started her journey as a blogger and influencer in 2001, although her primary purpose back then was having fun with her work. Little did Angela know that she would be one of the most prominent voices in the motherhood blogging space in two decades.

What made Angela decide to make the Mommy Diary blog was what she went through as a mother. Her first baby showed signs of developmental delays and was later diagnosed with SYNGAP1, a rare genetic disorder. She knew that her child needed special care, so she decided to quit being an English professor to become a stay-at-home mom instead.

With all the stresses and pressure in her life, she fell victim to postpartum depression. With therapy, antidepressants, self-care, and support from her loved ones, she slowly overcame what was weighing her down. However, what helped her mental condition the most was writing blogs.

She looked for information online about the experiences of other parents and used their inspirational words as support. Eventually, she found friends that could relate to her motherhood struggles. She then realized that there was a lack of discussion on taking care of children with special needs and how to deal with postpartum depression. As someone who has experienced both, she decided to fill that void with her stories.

From a personal blog, Mommy Diary is now run by a team of women who are skilled in blogging and curating content. They all share their stories in hopes of providing inspiration to other parents who are looking for support. Not only was Angela able to heal her wounds, but she has helped do the same for others. Over the years, Angela J. Kim has worked with notable lifestyle brands such as Disney, Samsung, Starbucks, Target, H&M, Popsugar and Amazon among many others. With her beautiful photography, creative videos and professional writing skills, she continues to garner attention from brands and followers from around the world.

Currently, Mommy Diary has grown into a six-figure business and is considered as one of the most influential parenthood blogs today. Angela’s influence has also spread on numerous online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. The blog has even been featured on renowned websites like Healthline,, and Popsugar.

Angela has reached many realizations throughout her journey in becoming a leading Asian American lifestyle blogger in the motherhood community from being a stay-at-home mom. One lesson that has significantly impacted her is that motherhood isn’t meant to be easy and perfect. After all, no parent is perfect. So, instead of dwelling on how she can’t be a flawless mom who does everything right, she focuses on just doing her best each day. Angela continues to share the knowledge she has gained through experiences with her audience online and is continuing to grow her personal brand.