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An Exclusive Interview with Sister Kristy


Sister Kristy is many things – a model, a social media influencer, a Christian, an animal rights advocate, and a fierce campaigner for mental health awareness. Yet, more than that, she is one of those larger-than-life individuals who cannot easily be defined. As we found out during our recent interview, pinning down Sister Kristy and putting her in an easily categorizable box is like chasing a butterfly.

Q: Hello Sister Kristy, it’s a pleasure to meet you. First, I’d like to ask, what’s with the unusual name?

A: (Laughs) It’s not that unusual, surely! Well, I’m a big believer in the art of reinvention and creating your own persona. Growing up in a small town in Canada, Sister Kristy was the person I always dreamed of being, and guess what? Dream come true!

Q: Judging by your huge Instagram following, you are a definite hit with millions worldwide. What’s the secret to your success?

A: I just believe in keeping it real. People think it’s strange that I have a lot of Christian values but at the same time, I believe in celebrating my body. To me, there’s no contradiction. Life is for living. I think people relate to that level of honesty.

Q: Apart from your jaw-dropping photos, your advices on fostering cats, the dating game, and finding the perfect fitness regime have also proved immensely popular. What plans has Sister Kristy got for the future?

A: I’m a big believer in taking it as it comes and doing what feels right at the time. Turning my Instagram page into an official business was a huge and very rewarding step for me. Obviously, I believe in keeping my followers entertained but I also believe in encouraging everyone to have a debate about their mental health. It’s a massively important area and should never be overlooked.

Q: Thanks for your time, Sister Kristy, it’s been a real pleasure. Any concluding words?

A: I’d just like to say that now more than ever, we need a lot more positivity and joy in this world, and if I can help provide that through my Instagram page, I’m truly blessed.