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Matthew Thayer’s Journey to a Wildly Successful Career in Trading


Mathew Thayer is a top HFX educator at the IM Academy. He is the creator of the CashTrap strategy that has helped transform the lives of thousands of people. He entered trading with no experience learning everything from scratch to become one of the top earners. He is a life coach and a financial educator with vast experience in trading. Mathew is also a family man married to Hannah, and together they have a beautiful daughter named Kylie.

Matt, as he is popularly known, grew up in Minneapolis, MN. He was active in sports and loved playing both football and basketball. He excelled at the two sports and later joined the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where he continued playing basketball. From the university, Matt jumped into the business world and focused on network marketing.

He kick-started his career in World Ventures, a travel company but later switched gears as he discovered he was not passionate about travel. His next stop was at IM Mastery Academy, an online educational company that teaches people how to trade in the foreign currencies markets. It was here that he was introduced to Alex Morton. Though he never had the desire for trading, he chose to take it to the next step, pushed by his love for network marketing.

He followed the new Vasquez and learned how to trade. Things were, however, not going well for him, and he ended up blowing multiple accounts. A determined individual, Matt wanted to get to the core of the matter and make trading work. He soon started seeing positive outcomes, and within no time was becoming more successful. A businessman with the love to give back, Matt began teaching a small team that grew over time into thousands every week.

He hit the ground running and picked momentum. In no time, he had created the top strategy for the company, CashTrap, a scalping software that helps users catch quick real-time based market ideas setups faster. In addition, he became the leading educator assisting thousands of people create their trading portfolios.

The strategies that give people the opportunity to learn every day make him a standout in the industry. It’s a simple but very effective strategy that can bring wealth into their lives. He also has a unique work ethic to assist other people in getting what they want while still making his fortunes.

CashTrap has been significant in the industry, helping thousands of people bring extra income into their households.  Over the last two and a half years, Matt has created a massive trading portfolio and went from a group of 200 students watching him weekly to now over 250k weekly.

Just like in any other industry, Matt had his share of challenges. He wasn’t coachable in the early stages, a habit that resulted in him blowing lots of accounts. It took a defining moment for him to realize his setback, and since then, he has seen a lot of success and has become the best educator. This was for the good of his family and the other many families. Life has completely transformed for Matt who today is among the top earners in trading.

You can be part of his educational sessions and get regular updates by reaching out to him on Instagram @matthewthayer and Facebook.