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Shareena Ghassab Alameri on How To Learn From Your Mistakes And Leverage Them To Boost Growth.


Mistakes are blessings in disguise; that is if we treat them that way. We have heard the saying that It is only human to err. But when an error occurs, it brings with it a string of negativity – finger-pointing, loss of confidence, loss of trust, shame, and so on. Society’s way of looking at mistakes makes it difficult for us to harness the power of mistakes. Travel photographer Shareena Ghassab Alameri shares with us three key rules to follow to change our perception about our mistakes so that we can use them as stepping stones to accelerate our growth.


According to Shareena Ghassab Alameri, Life is a scientific experiment. And good science is good observation. Most people are not fully conscious of their actions, says Shareena. The keenly we observe our actions, the better we can organize our lives, she says. According to her, observing our actions allows us to make note of the mistakes we make. Keeping a journal is a good way to follow our actions and thought patterns, she says, it helps us to observe and reflect upon our actions. . By keen observation, we can see where we have faltered and why; we can learn from our mistakes and improve the quality of our lives to says Shareena.

Correct the cause, not the symptom.

Most times these mistakes are symptoms of other deep-rooted errors that have become calcified into habits in our nature, says Shareena. People wonder why even after correcting their mistakes they’re not able to achieve the desired outcomes in their lives. That is because they are looking only at the symptoms and are blind to the cause, says Shareena Ghassab Alameri. If one has to learn from Their mistakes, then they need to go deep into the causes that created the mistake, she concludes.

Treat mistakes as a step in the process.

Mistakes are not setbacks, says Shareena Ghassab Alameri. If we treat them as such, then we are doomed to fail, she says. Never treat mistakes as the end of the road. It is simply a step in the process. Understanding this fact, brings in a huge shift in perspective, says Shareena.

One of the reasons why mistakes put the breaks on our growth is the fear that’s attached to them. We fear the ridicule of society. But if we, as Shareena Ghassab Alameri, rightly points out, start treating mistakes as part and parcel of the movements of life, then, we would be able to unleash the hidden powers that our mistakes carry within them and use them for our growth.