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How Merian, Founder of Bounce Curl is Changing the Haircare Industry


The beauty industry is an ever-changing landscape. New trends crop up now and then. While it is best to keep tabs on the trends, it is equally essential to be innovative. Merian Odesho is a hair care expert redefining the industry through her unique blend of products.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Merian Odesho is the CEO, Founder and Formulator of Bounce Curl, a leader in hair products. Growing up, Merian recalls seeing her grandmother create simple but unique hair formulas from naturally derived ingredients, and it never ceased to amaze her how they could spice up her hair.  Looking back, Merian says this was her main motivation to develop Bounce Curl. In her words, she wanted to help people embrace their curls while practising safe beauty techniques.

Frustrated by the unsuccessful results of the hair products that were available at the time, Merian ventured into the haircare industry. To achieve change takes sacrifice, effort and passion, says Merian. After spending hours in the lab for days, in November 2015, Merian launched her first product, Light Hold Gel. Amazingly even though several years have passed, Light Hold Gel remains among the most popular products in the industry.

Since then, Merian has been formulating beauty products that will have no ill effects on the body. Her efforts in the industry have not gone unnoticed as Bounce Curl has won many awards. One such award was for Bounce Curl Clump & Define Cream given at the most recent Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards (2020).  Together with her team, they are also working on eco-friendly packaging to ensure sustainable packing of their hair products.

Over the years, Bounce Curl has continued to release more hair care products cementing their spot in this competitive industry. In creating her products, Merian says she partners with people who deal in naturally derived ingredients. Her Bachelor’s Degree also comes in handy as she personally tests the ingredients to make sure they are of high quality and are the best for her customers. In the testing, Bounce Curl does not ever test ingredients on animals.

In the past, there have been a lot of stereotypes about different roles or careers for women. Even though people’s perceptions are changing, the idea of a woman as the head of a company has not been entirely accepted. As a woman in the industry, Merian Odesho not only empowers women but also serves as a role model to other women from the Middle East and across the globe.

Merian is a believer in challenging her own limits and tries to turn challenges into opportunities. According to Merian, coming from a science background posed a challenge in marketing as she was not conversant with essential business skills. Being the go-getter she is, she did not let this hold her back. She instead used this as a learning opportunity, and together with her team, they learned how to leverage social media to grow their brand. In addition, she notes the importance of building customer relations and how it has helped her company be a success.

Overall trends in the haircare industry are changing as customer preferences and values continue to change. Covid 19 has also rocked the beauty and cosmetics industry. The industry is gradually starting to pick up again, and the competition remains intense. To succeed in the industry, it is essential to be creative.