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Jared Scott: How to Leverage Your Success to Make a Significant Change in the World


Jared Scott is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and hip-hop artist who has learned how to leverage success in one area to benefit others. In Jared’s case, he leverages his success in all his life paths to help change the world by raising awareness about mental health issues.

Jared Scott’s journey to inspirational speaking began when he was just 15 years old, after a friend committed suicide. Over the years, he has continued honing his public speaking skills and expanding his audience with the goal of “bringing significant change to the world.”

Much of his success revolves around finding ways to spread the message of mental health awareness. He does so by directly speaking to the audience that needs to hear it the most, particularly high schoolers. He found a unique perspective by talking at parent-teacher conferences in addition to directly to students. This allowed him to successfully gain an understanding of all sides of the situation. That, in turn, has helped him adjust his speeches and conversations to create more effective change.

Jared Scott is no stranger to directly using his financial success to make a change in the world, either. He has paid for his own travel expenses and related costs so he can talk at schools for free in cases when they could not afford his program.

He now uses his entrepreneurial and speaking success as the founder of the Free to Speak Foundation. This nonprofit is still in the early stages and hopes to “fund mental health programs in schools and communities that lack the proper funding to do it themselves.”

Overall, Jared hopes to “reach the ones that others would often deem ‘unreachable.’” This includes “the ones who have been labeled as outliers, outcasts, and trouble-makers.” Through his successful speaking engagements and conversations with teens, parents, principals, and teachers, he has found that these people have the largest need. Eventually, Jared hopes to “break the cycle that is often perpetuated for generations.”

Jared has always been interested in music, but he was introverted in his youth. This posed a struggle for him when he was 15 and found out that a friend from his church youth group had committed suicide. He says that at the time, “all I knew was how to express my emotions through music.” He began doing that before transitioning into speaking. He has been engaged in public speaking around mental health awareness since then.

Jared Scott has found success as an entrepreneur, musician, and public speaker. Now he leverages that success to reach a wider audience with his messages about mental health.