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Bailey Knight & Sean McCarthy Shares Their Expert Insights on Overcoming Challenges When the Odds Are against You


It isn’t too difficult to keep going forward when the odds are in your favor. However, it’s easy to get discouraged when the obstacles begin to stack up against you. Here, Bailey Knight & Sean McCarthy explain how to stay motivated when this inevitably happens. After all, circumstances can change any moment in the unpredictable roller coaster that is life.

“First of all, determine what kind of obstacle you are facing, and then adopt a solution-based approach and tackle each issue, one at a time,” says Bailey Knight. The three most common categories are internal, external, and habitual obstacles. Sean McCarthy explains, “External factors, like the pandemic, are outside of your control and not worth stressing over. On the other hand, internal obstacles are within your control, and you can find solutions to overcome these challenges. Habitual obstacles, too, like spending too much time on your phone, can be changed over time to achieve your goals.”

Once you have categorized your obstacles, you need to break down the ones you have control over into smaller parts. “This way, it is easier and less overwhelming to find a solution,” suggests Bailey Knight. “If you are swamped at work, separate your tasks to focus on one thing at a time. If you are having financial problems, review your budget and cut down expenses wherever you can. This technique is called compartmentalizing, and I’ve used it for many years.”

Sean McCarthy recommends viewing challenges and obstacles as learning experiences. Each experience teaches you something and helps you improve and grow both personally and professionally. “Challenges are a chance to demonstrate resilience and innovative thinking, traits that are critical for entrepreneurs,” says Bailey Knight. Yet, growth is not always easy or even comfortable. Some lessons are tougher than others and can take more of a toll on you. When this happens, Bailey Knight recommends making positive changes, which requires motivation. As a result, you are battling the odds on two fronts with this technique.

Finally, you must learn to control your emotions, as per Sean McCarthy. Accept them, by all means, but do not let them dictate your thoughts or actions. Bailey Knight acknowledges that it is perfectly normal to be afraid or frustrated when the odds seem to be against you. However, what matters is how you channel those emotions to overcome challenges. “Remember, your success is a byproduct of your decisions,” Sean McCarthy concludes.