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Dave Nick Shares His Blueprint for Scaling a Venture Exponentially in 2021


The millennium was upon us only 21 years ago. It was the harbinger of change, but nothing prepared us for what came to be. Life today is very different from life two decades ago. And like everything else in life, this transformation has its pros and cons too. For 7-figure YouTube business owner Dave Nick, this change must be dealt with, with care and caution. Here, he offers his blueprint for scaling a venture in the age of excess – 2021.


Businesses, it seems, are exploring their dimensions. From being a ‘top-down’ process, companies are becoming open to an ‘east-west’ spread, especially with startups. Dave Nick says, “A startup generally begins with a group of people having the same ambitions and experience. This is different from traditional business models where the boss knows the most and knowledge is passed down to the rest of the workforce. This reduces errors and has its merits, but now it needs to integrate itself with the modern-day processes where the biggest discriminating factor is a set of skills than knowledge acquired with experience.”

Know your philosophy of technology.

Technology has become omnipresent. Of course, not to the same degree everywhere, but it is leaving its imprints in almost every corner of the world. Its gigantic embrace can choke us or challenge us. According to Dave Nick, your understanding of technology and its application is how it will, in turn, treat you. He says, “Technology has many forms, but one philosophy – an underlining code which defines its purpose, and that is to help us help ourselves. As a business owner in 2021, you need to know your attitude towards technology. What has it rendered useless, what all has it made useful, and how much of it contributes towards building a future where there’s respect, care, curiosity, knowledge, and integrity. These questions will help you determine your work culture – a big scaling factor in 2021.”

Value your time.

What is time? For us non-scientists, it’s a metaphor for discipline, effort, creation, success, and patience. For Dave Nick, it’s also our most valuable asset. He says, “Time is key to scaling up in 2021. Your decisions regarding when to market your product, when to update it, when to pull back, and when to expand are the arteries of your business. Treat them well.”

For Dave Nick, 2021 is a time when a business can become better as long as we respect the fundamental rules of the age and give ourselves the freedom to fly.