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How Bounce Curl is Revolutionizing the Haircare Industry


“With around 21,650 non-natural ingredients to choose from, there are only 795 naturally derived ingredients”. This means most products contain non-natural ingredients, with some that are toxic. Bounce Curl noticed the alarming difference and chose to be the change the hair care industry was needing.

Founded by Merian Odesho, Bounce Curl is a top hair care products company specializing in green haircare products. Widely known for their advocacy and consistency in using “clean ingredients”, their efforts in the industry have not gone unnoticed.  Over the years, the company has been featured in different print and digital media and has won various awards for its wide range of products.

Growing up, Merian saw her grandmother make hair formulas from naturally derived ingredients, such as aloe vera and flax seeds. Even though the formulas were simple and from simple ingredients, the impact on her hair was amazing. In her words, they always left her hair strong, healthy, and shiny.

With so many unsuccessful results from different hair products, Merian decided to formulate her own hair products. Her grandfather passed on from cancer and Merian wanted to create products with no cancer-causing agents or other toxic chemicals. After countless hours of dedication, in November 2015, she created Bounce Curls first product, Light Hold Gel.

For so long, people have used hair care products blindly without clearly understanding the ingredients used in the formulation of the product. However, with companies like Bounce Curl, most people now have an idea. As a member of the Think Dirty app – an app that allows its users to understand the effects of different ingredients better, Bounce Curl encourages its customers to use the app and learn more about the product before making a purchase. With most of their products having a rating of 0-3, no doubt Bounce Curl is the future of green beauty products.

Considering the effects of plastic waste on the environment, Bounce Curl uses eco-friendly packaging for its products.  According to the team at Bounce Curl, however, one major challenge they continue to face with eco-friendly packaging is the high cost and sustainability as most of their products are liquids. This has led them on a journey to develop their own eco-friendly packaging.  Even with the sourcing of naturally derived ingredients, they note there are still many challenges as different hair needs different ingredients.

As the formulator of Bounce Curl products, Merian uses high-quality ingredients that have zero negative effects on the body. In sourcing the ingredients, she carefully examines and tests the ingredients to see if they meet the green chemistry principles.

While the haircare industry is often associated with using different products, using products containing harmful chemicals could potentially lead to adverse effects. By using different products on your hair, your body absorbs the products; therefore, you need to choose skilfully what product to decide to use.

With her Bachelors of Science Degree with a focus on chemistry and as a member of the Cosmetic Science Society, Merian and her team focus on practising safe beauty.

Behind this success story is someone who believed in herself enough to create the change that was needed. It all started with a young girl’s dream fuelled by her passion and love for science and nature. In a unique way and unique blend of products, Bounce Curl is revolutionizing the hair care industry one product at a time.