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Meit Kamdar Avlanii’s  guide on identifying and leveraging your strength to succeed 


Success means different things to different people. In a world where it is easy to get caught up in trends and lose focus of what you find truly fulfilling, Meit Kamdar Avlanii has had to learn on how to identify and leverage his strengths to succeed in what is closest to his heart – art, design, and jewelry.

Meit Kamdar Avlanii is a man of many talents and academic qualifications but he has reinvented and established himself as a master of jewelry. Born into a textile family and trained in commerce, Meit soon learned that there was nothing else that surpassed his love for jewelry. So, he embarked on a journey to find and fulfill his inner purpose. Indeed, you don’t stand a chance of being  successful  if you haven’t reinvented yourself.

Mumbai-born Meit Kamdar Avlanii graduated with a business degree at the age of 21 and joined his family’s textile business. He then decided to venture out on his own and  in the same year and started his own textile company.

Between 2009 and 2016, Meit split his time into various industries including textiles, fashion, pharma, confectionery, FMCG, and even pet care. All these trades taught him immensely which in turn helped him at a later stage in his life. At 25, Meit realised that he really wanted to be in a creative field and discovered his love for jewellery and he then leveraged his passion for art and design to build a jewelry business that he now finds fulfilling. At the age of 26, Meit decided to educate himself in jewelry, he says – “Education in any profession you choose is fundamental, let it even be something quite basic” The Gemological Institute of America & Indian Academy of Jewelry and Design did it all. His education at GIA London and IAJD Mumbai helped him understand gems – harnessed and perfected his skills as a designer. He was now ready to take off into the world of jewelry  and thus founded his name sake atelier, MEIT KAMDAR AVLANII

Meit is an avid reader of the Bhagavad Gita and lives by one of its teachings: “Choose your work which is your passion in life, make that passion your purpose in life, with your purpose identified – you will never work a day in life.”

Meit says, “The set of skills I acquired in running multiple businesses, harnessed my ability to run a successful business set up. My education in Business & Luxury equipped me to brand myself in the field I was to enter into. My study of Diamonds, Gems & Design helped me understand my craft and I was ready to leverage my strengths in the field I loved. It is very important for entrepreneurs or designers to identify their passion, develop the patience to learn, not forgetting that learning is an ongoing process. Harness all the skills required, and once you are ready – nothing stops you from succeeding”.

Today, Meit Kamdar Avlanii spends his time creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, thanks to his vast array of skills inherent & acquired for his ever-burning desire and passion to design.