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The Importance of Effective Communication for Conflict Resolution, as per Julia Brickman


Effective communication is not just the answer to answering questions and talking to others, but it is also the answer for conflict resolution, as proven and experienced by Julia Brickman.

Julia Brickman has been fond of social learning development and education for many years. Her first business venture was Polka Dot Design, a stationary and premier party invitation company, which she started in 1999. In just ten years, Julia took the company from a startup to an annual revenue of $8 million.

From her love for business and child education, Julia found Skipper, an EdTech startup business that supports families and healthy lifestyles. Skipper focuses on creating flexible solutions to support and educate different lifestyle needs.

Using her experience in business, education, and her personal life, Julia has discovered how effective communication can be utilized in all areas of life. For instance, Julia has discovered how crucial communication is for resolving conflict. Whether that be conflict in an individual’s mind or between two people, communication is the key to fixing it.

Julia’s journey through conflict arose while schooling her son in Africa. Although schooling and education are great in Julia’s eyes, it is not always enough to fulfill everyone. For Julia, she found that traditional instruction created conflict in her life while crushing her son’s dreams and not meeting his individual needs. Thus, Julia created Skipper to offer educational solutions for parents looking to resolve the schooling conflict that she and her son experienced.

Now, Julia is a keen believer that communication is the key to resolving any conflict. Although her journey was to resolve conflict in her son’s education, she recognizes how powerful it can be for all walks of life.