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An Interview With Joilson Melo


Recently, I have got a chance to interview one of the most prominent law students who already have made the world admit his abilities and recognized him as an emerging future lawyer.

Joilson Melo is a young ambitious man with a sharp and intelligent mind who has been actively participating in law-related activities and practices. As we know that law is such a vast field that involves continuous developments and amendments, therefore, it is difficult for lawyers to remain updated and aware of all the information and newer developments.

Joilson however, possesses sufficient knowledge in this area as well as is well aware of all the recent updates and developments that happened in the Brazilian legal system in past few decades. With enough knowledge about the legal system, its history, and future potential development, Joilson challenges the legal system of his country and invokes reforms in it to make sure the proper, appropriate, and effective legal system for every individual without any kind of discrimination.

What do you think is why it is difficult to serve the underprivileged with equal justice?

Well, I believe that if the legal system of any country is broken and the decision-making is poor and insufficient then it creates an adverse effect on the citizen of that country. The weak legislature, poor rule of law, and inappropriate availability of justice are the core reasons that make it difficult for the poor and underprivileged to get equal justice and opportunities.

What one can do to fix this legal issue as a law student?

Being a law student is such a great responsibility and if you are self-accountable then you can easily contribute to fixing the legal issue of your country. It also includes many legal complications and challenges. However, a law student can contribute to fix the issue by raising his voice against every kind of injustice and more significantly be a voice for poor people who have less access to justice.

What are your significant achievements as a law student?

I have been contributing to various legal cases related to the judicial and legal systems of the country. By participating in legal cases and activities, I have highlighted the malpractices that have become more common in the country and deeply engraved in the numerous national institutions. I have also highlighted the weaknesses of the legal system and mentioned how a poor and underprivileged citizen of a country has no access to equal justice and has always been neglected by the judicial system of his own country. I believe all of these efforts and struggles are achievements as a law student that eventually will help me to become a great lawyer aiming to serve the poor people of Brazil.

What were the biggest challenges you have faced while fighting against the legal system?

The great challenge was to fight with the powerful and influential judiciary itself as well as to have raised a voice against illegalities in all sectors of society, especially in the legal and judicial system.

What piece of advice you’d like to give to law students?

Be prepared for any kind of challenge. And never give up. You won’t change the country in a short time, but everything you do will be well regarded by others, making sure that other people wear your shirt and wave your flag against the injustices and systemic corruption in our Brazilian judiciary.

It was a great interview and an honor for me to get to know such an incredible and popular law student who is already recognized as a rising future lawyer.

Undoubtedly, Joilson Melo is a law warrior, was born to fix the legal system of his country by utilizing all of the available sources and God-gifted abilities. We hopefully would be seeing you as a successful lawyer in near future.

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