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Bilal Junaid, the Engineer Dominating the Tech World  


There’s no doubt that Silicon Valley is the destination of choice for many start-ups in the tech world. The region has given rise to some of the notable tech giants in the world today. Silicon Valley was established as a tech hub courtesy of the many cultural and social aspects of the many tech companies deciding to live there.

It is the success of the numerous tech companies that attract others in the region. Many tech investors, among them venture capitalists, flock to the region searching for new and exciting investment opportunities. Bilal Junaid is one of the many venture capitalists making investments in Silicon Valley.

Bilal is the founder of one of the top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. Through his firm, Bilal has deployed over $30M into various start-ups in the tech industry across the US, Asia, and the EU. He focuses on the blockchain, AR/ VR, and any other exciting technologies. Bilal is strategically positioning his venture fund for future dominance in the industry by working with the best players in the sector.

Silicon Valley is widely known as a tech hub with some of best venture capitalists. To be on top, Bilal ensures he works with some of the top VCs and trading desks in the digital assets space. Some of them are in Singapore, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Bilal also serves on the board of some technology companies like APY Finance.

Other than being an advisor, Bilal offers startups with hands-on advice with their day to day operations. He is an ambitious entrepreneur and investor with a burning desire for helping companies find more success.

Far from the business world, Bilal is an engineer holding a Degree in Mechatronics Engineering. He graduated in 2014, and was on the Dean’s Honors list for six semesters, ranking in the top 10 in the class. While in college, Bilal was active in computer science and robotics competitions. His passion and enthusiasm for tech gave him the opportunity to work at Amazon Web services while in school. Though he was in distributed systems, Bilal never confined himself to his job descriptions. He was never shy to learn and discover new things in the tech world.

Bilal later joined an Accel funded startup called Prezi and served four years as a Senior Engineer. Through his leadership, his firm has grown into one of the top VCs in the industry. He has invested in 120+ companies including Polkadot, FTX, Solana, APY Finance, Manta Network, Claystack, and others.

Bilal’s advice to other aspiring investors or entrepreneurs is to never hold yourself back from pursuing your dreams. He is the first in his family to establish a successful company and says the key to success is to focus on what you aspire to be rather than where you are.