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How to Hop from Struggle to Success, the Garrett Roberts Way


Everyone is born the same; however, we are all destined for different things. Garrett Roberts is an online entrepreneur who partly runs the famous “Da Rich Family” YouTube Channel, which focuses on financial stability. Roberts is a two-time felon who now teaches people to make money online and rise with him. He is well known for having helped over 100 individuals become millionaires from scratch. Here, Garrett Roberts shares how to rise from the ashes to become successful.

The Act of Patience

According to Garrett Roberts, patience is a rare virtue that is exercised by very few people in life. Yet, it is one of the best gate-passes to move from struggle to success. Most people, especially at young ages, would strive to live a better life. However, they may not exercise the necessary patience to attain success. You miss the most important points when you become impatient, and for that reason, mistakes are bound to be made. As Garrett Roberts suggests, take time, and adapt to the process.

Be Consistent

Roberts believes that lack of consistency is a success-killer. Take one step at a time, and never look back. Build a foundation that will prevent fallbacks. We all want a successful and fulfilling life. However, have you thought about how it feels bouncing back to misery after struggles just because you lack consistency? Therefore, it is necessary to be always consistent and keep track of your steps as you climb the ladder of success.

The Need for Integrity

What defines you as a person? Garrett Roberts insists that one should take time to analyze how people perceive you in society. People like to associate themselves with those who are honest, sincere, and upright. So, it is essential to maintain your integrity, irrespective of your struggles in life.

Take Calculated Risks

Having been incarcerated twice, Garrett Roberts still had the belief in himself to become eventually successful. No one could even have believed that a two-time felon would end up being the first African-American to venture into the sector of online mentorship in forex and crypto. Garrett Roberts states that one should learn to take a leap of faith when necessary. Without action, it is impossible to hop from struggle to success.

As challenging as turning your life around from darkness to success may sound, Garrett Roberts assures it is achievable if you implement the right actions and decisions on a daily basis. “You either choose to make a move and aim for the stars, or you remain a failure,” concludes Roberts.