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Zach Machuca, Founder of auto-Nurture, Reveals Commission Secrets For NYC Mortgage Brokers


New York City: the big apple, the city of high-flying business tycoons, and the financial capital of America. The city sees businesses pop up left, right and centre with thousands of transactions being made every millisecond. In Q1 of this year a rough 2,500 residential properties in Manhattan alone have been sold according to Zach Machuca tapped into the intermediary market specialising in creating wealth for mortgage brokers. And in New York City, well, living isn’t cheap. The reported needed salary to buy a median home is over $100,000 and this means that brokers need all the help they can get their hands on.

Zach serves the brokers of NYC and on a larger scale, the whole of America with his agency auto-Nurture that is now turning over six figures monthly with clients happily continuing their subscription after seeing a drastic increase in commision flow. Scoping through Zach’s content, we have identified three pieces of advice from the expert himself for aspiring successful brokers:

Exert more confidence.

Sometimes being too humble can be a disadvantage. When it comes to the lending process, homebuyers absolutely want to feel as though they are in the best hands possible. They not only want to trust that you are knowledgeable, but also feel your confidence in your ability to get them approved. Educating clients is important, and exerting confidence is often something overlooked.

Take a sales course.

Referrals are not sales, they are referrals. When buying leads, you need to understand that the conversation is going to be a completely different dynamic than engaging with a referral, if it is the case that you’ve been relying on mostly referrals for business. You’re going to have to do a bit more on that call in order to win the deal. Take a sales course, learn more about the sales process and your volume will triple.

Invest in your business.

A lot of people are afraid to buy leads because it requires an investment. But as long as you follow the above tips, buying leads is going to change your life and absolutely catapult your monthly volume and revenue. Ask your lead generator if they help to navigate those sales calls in any way. If they don’t, that gives you an idea that they may not be the best option. Auto-Nurture provides sales scripts and works with you to improve your sales calls to make you more effective, convert more leads and close more deals.

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